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Partnering With Lenovo a Big Mistake?

Seeing a lot of issues with the Rift S in here, not to mention the reported crap audio that supposedly is better on the Go and the Quest. Getting nervous for mine now.

My Rift S wasn't playing nicely with my USB 3.0 connection, saying it was incompatible. Customer support told me it's because my USB 3.0 is a Asmedia port. Which it doesn't play nicely with. Was trying to find answers on Reddit on how to get this to work, when one of the users told me the Lenovo Explorer VR's had the exact same problem. Lenovo never formally adressed or fixed the issue. 

Heroic Explorer
I just opened mine and installed it. The audio isn't the best but actually isn't HORRIBLE. Everything else is a big improvement. Tracking is about the same, but easy of install and use is 10x better. Screen is 10x better (I'm very impressed with the black levels and overall clarity)

I do wish the audio was better and time will tell if the tracking holds up as well as the sensor set up does

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Yeah, I agree @JeremyC85 . The audio could be better, but it sounds okay to me (I'm not too picky). I'd say tracking is even better, at least for my room. I did have the black screen issue people are talking about, but I'm sure it will be fixed.

This is EXACTLY the reason why I say that smart people should always WAIT on new releases for tech. First buyers are usually always basically beta testers. Wait a few months then buy the item. 

Patience is a virtue. 

On the plus side, most people ordering one today can typically expect to get it in a few days at most. That's the chief benefit of having a manufacturing partner...

Meanwhile, we've seen how order fulfillment suffers when a company with little manufacturing resources of its own decides to forgo partnerships in order to keep all the profits for themselves.   When you're almost certainly taking a small fraction as many orders as Oculus, but quoting people August on a product that was supposed to ship in June,  you've got problems.
It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.

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I noticed my RIFT uses a SuperSpeed Hub as I notice if I close Oculus before the HMD connects that Hub can break.
Do you have the same? Is it installed by Oculus to fix using the ASMedia Hub?


The audio is WAAAAY better on the S than the GO.  I don't know what people are smoking.
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