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Passthrough+ HotKey Assignment Request

Would it be possible to create a means to enable keyboard hot key assignment to toggle Passthrough+ in the Rift S in addition to using the button on the controller?

I use the Rift S in several flight simulators such as P3D and DCS and do not use the hand controllers since I have all high hardware which is much more realistic to fly with compared to hands with controllers unsupported in the air.. It is very difficult and not practical to switch and find the hand controller and then orientate it so I can push the button and so on...  I have several buttons on my flight sim hardware I could program to a key assignment or use VoiceAttack.

Please advise if this is something that could be considered for an upcoming revision/update.

Thanks in advance

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @19oculus63, that sounds like a great idea. Please make sure that you submit your idea on the Oculus Uservoice site here It's the best place to provide those type of suggestions. It helps the developers to keep track of the different suggestions and you can also vote on other ideas that people have subtmitted. Thanks! -Rick
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