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Question on hiding an app?

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I see in the Oculus library where one can choose to hide an app.
However if the app has been recently run, it will still show on the left hand side of Dash, and it stays there. No way I see to actually hide
it or remove it from this list?

Curious minds want to know?

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You make an interesting point.
I just had a look at that. It seems that they decided to make you change the filters in 2 separate locations.
In the desk top App, under "filters" you can choose to show "hidden apps". Unfortunately this doesn't work in the headset.

You actually have to change the filter again in the headset so that it works...............


So go there and turn off "Hidden". Now they will be hidden in the headset too.

Edit: Sometimes I struggle to understand the "logic" that Oculus uses.
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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

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Ok much thanks !