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Rift CV1 on Nvidia VR Link (just the usb connector)

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Hi there,

I'm running the original Rift CV1 and up until now I've had the two sensors as well as the headsets' usb cable connected to the inatek PCIe USB card, that was recommended back in the day.

Since I wanted to free up one of those USB Ports, I put a little USB-C adapter on the headsets' USB connector and moved it to the VR-Link port on my RTX2080Ti. I didn't touch the HDMI-cable. It's still connected to the graphics card as well. So far this setup seems to work just fine.

Now I'm wondering if this may impact the latency of the headset. Or maybe the 2080Ti is beefy enough to saturate its PCIe x16 connection in some scenarios and then the VR Link is impacted.

Any thoughts or experience on this?


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You are fine using it with the sensors plugged into the Virtual Link port.
I ran my CV1 that way with my 2080 Ti  and am running my Rift S USB 3 through it now as well.
Very solid.