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Rift S : Audio popping/crackling

Honored Guest
I received my headset and it was fine for a few seconds and then this erratic popping/crackling sound began (random intervals between the pops).  It is like listening to an old record.

It does the same thing when I plug audio buds into the 3.5 jack.

My wife can hear the sound from the couch so it is pretty distinctive.

I've also tested on 2 computers with the same result.

Did I get a bad headset?


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A User on one of these Audio problem threads said the PTC software fixed it on the Right side.

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I'm having this issue with a new headset as well. Awesome to see they haven't bothered to fix it in months.

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I just recieved my Rift S today and the audio coming from the headphones is crackling and popping non-stop.
UPDATE: I was asked by support to return the unit for a replacement.