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Rift S Chromatic aberration / rainbow effect

Level 2
I have an ipd maybe around 65-66 and I'm noticing that my rift s has quite a limited sweet spot. outside this sweet spot things get noticeably blurrier and I get red and blue colours bleeding off the edges of bright objects. I find that to read any of the text in the home screen at the default distance I have to centre it in the headset or it'll be blurry with colours bleeding off it. I find that the effect is less noticeable in games as it's easier to concentrate on the world and the gameplay rather than the bleeding colours.

I understand this is a normal effect present in all lenses, even eyeglasses, but I see other's saying that they don't see any red/blue bleed and that everything is sharp all around the headset. Is my rift s defective? Should I return it?

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I do not know why people say that. If you ask more closely, they usually relativize the matter again.

Like you wrote it is because of the lenses. Even if I close one eye and adjust the headset for the maximum sweet spot I don't have a crystal clear view all over the FOV. This is impossible with this kind of lenses. From the center to the edges the blurryness/distortion/aberration increases.

How much this effects impact you depends on the IPD. My IPD is 62.5 so when I adjust the headset the outer areas (left lense -> left edge / right lense -> right edge) of the sweet spot looks a bit more distorted than the inner areas. But overall the speet spot is bigger than with the first Rift (when your IPD is near to 63.5) and the god rays are not as noticible.

Of course I don't know if your unit suffers from more aberration than normal. I just want do say that when someone says "it is so sharp" it means that the speet spot is bigger than with the first generation of HDMs.