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Something is up with the Oculus S

Level 3
Yay, I am back and I have a shiny new Occulus S. I am loving it so far. Gaming is so much smoother than on the Oculus Rift. That being said I don't want it thought that I am not appreciative of Oculus and all the work they do but I do have one little niggle. When you got the Oculus Rift originally you get a copy of Robo Recall for free. Since my old Rift was originally my little brother's (may he rest in peace) I assumed he got it and it's on his account. My wife got an Oculus Quest since she doesn't like the cable and it fits over her glasses better and she got a brand new copy of Vader Immortal... now, as far as I can tell absolutely nothing comes with the Occulus S. I feel like everyone around me is getting gifts on Christmas except for me (and by extension everyone who gets an S). Yes I know these are free and moreover it is dependant on either the gaming company or Oculus as a company footing the bill as such it is more like a bonus for getting a really expensive piece of equipment. That being said when you spent that money on some of your customer bases and not the rest you look like your being discriminatory, like the people who buy an S are not as good as the rest. I know full well this is fully a first world problem and I probably sound like a whiny little child who didn't get dessert but feelings are feelings and you can't know what upsets people until they tell you.