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Something is wrong with screendoor

Level 2
Hello i use te rift mainly for Iracing and i always supersample to 2.0 with almost none to barly existing screendoor effect.
The last day’s the terrible screendoor is back, is Oculus playing tricks on us, if there is a new or updated Rift comming i will certainly buy it.
will the resolution update be that minimal, that supersampling on the cv1 does not work anymore?
Am i the only one noticing it?

Level 15
SDE is a constant - meaning it's a physical limitation to the Rift hardware. Ss doesn't change the SDE, but does increase your depth perception and image quality. If you move your head less than usually you may notice the SDE more. Some colors like blue and white seem to limit SDE, while red and orange may be the worst. And if you look for the SDE you will notice it much more than if you don't and just focus on the game. Thus there may be multiple reasons for you to notice the SDE more than usually...

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