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Standalone software for integrating Oculus Touch 1st Gen with SteamVR

Level 2
Hello everyone, I am working on a solution for utilizing the 1st generation Oculus Touch controllers with Steam VR.There are a few routes that could be taken to achieve this, utilizing the CV1 HMD, a custom driver for bluetooth PCIe card (The FCC filing places the channels firmly in the bluetooth range), or by pulling only the wireless receiver from the CV1 and running it through a USB connection.

For the Oculus devs out there, would it be possible to get a chopped down version of the OVR service that separates the video output from the spatial calibration? I can currently run the OVR service alongside the SteamVR environment, get constellation tracking, get lighthouse tracking, sync them with OpenVR Space Calibrator, and run both systems simultaneously for Oculus touch controller usage with SteamVR full body tracking. I would like to be able to continue to use Oculus brand controllers due to their superior ergonomics and control design and have the option to use different HMD's, such as the Pimax, or the Vive Pro.

In short, I'm trying to develop options for integration with other VR environments currently on the market. This would add an excellent layer of versatility and modularity.