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Stuck at loading screen

Hello, Im developing a vr game. İt was working just fine. I have Buy a SSD and clean win10 at it. my program now just dont launch. I have try xr-plugin , manual OVRPlugin but not working. İf I enable any of them unity returns me "Unable to load OvrPlugin.dll" or a crash. İf I dont my game start at unity but stuck at loading screen on Rift S. I tried a new project with oculus integration packages "Room" scene but same thing happened. As you can see bellow there is "SDK v0.0..0" is this problem about it? how can ı install/update this.

Unity v2020.2.0b14, Oculus Utilities v1.55.0, OVRPlugin v1.55.0, SDK v0.0.0.
UnityEngine.Debug:Log (object)
OVRManager:InitOVRManager () (at Assets/Oculus/VR/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:1246)
OVRManager:Awake () (at Assets/Oculus/VR/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:1404)