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The app won't instal!

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Hello, I am trying to download the oculus app to use for link. The issue however is that whenever I attempt to download the app it would ask for permissions. I would accept the permissions and then poof it disappears unable to be opened or even seen again. PS i have a VR capible PC and It downloaded once but crashed and disapeared from my files 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @SpectremVR, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues installing the Oculus app. Please make sure that you disable any anti-virus software (including Windows Defender) and that you're using a Windows account with full administrator rights. Please contact support here if you need any more help. Thanks! -Rick

Level 3
Same problem here,though i have a Rift S,and i am trying to install on my D drive.I get the permissions window,then accept,and as above, poof nothing,this is with full admin right's,and defender turned off,this is on a new pc set-up,and am trying to save space on my 480gb 2280 c drive,regard's Rod.