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VRchat killed the internet connection

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So as I went through the massive amount of complaints on VRchat, I didn't seem to find one that covers my problem. Yesterday I wanted to watch the VR concert by J.M.Jarre and since VRchat was a requirement I installed that infernal software. When I first opened it, I got a flickering black screen, my Rift S was showing nothing (sound was working fine) and my internet got frozen. I restarted the computer, internet worked again, but the headset and VRchat did still the same thing. So I gave up, but found another interesting issue - my steam client, Uplay client, MEGAsync client and several others, including the Oculus client couldn't connect to the internet, despite websites working fine. I tried to uninstall them, but now they can't be installed back, since they can't connect to the servers. I tried every possible advice I found online, but nothing works. To make things even more interesting, when I connect with any of my laptops, everything works ok, just my desktop is stuck. Did anyone experienced something similar? Any advice would help. Thanks guys!