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What is the best adaptor for Oculus Rift S

Level 2
Recently got my Oculus Rift S and enjoying it. However, my GPU only has 1 Display Port which I need for my monitor in supporting G-Sync. Therefore, I have this issue where whenever I want to put the Rift on I'm having to:
- Unplug Display Port to monitor.
- Connect HDMI to monitor.
- Connect Display Port to Rift S.

Can someone recommend the most appropriate adaptor for the Oculus Rift S to change Rift's Display Port to HDMI? Also, will using an adaptor result in any performance or graphical changes to the Rift?

Kind regards

Level 12
According to this support article, an adapter to HDMI is not supported.

Maybe you can use an adapter on your monitor instead?

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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

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Yep Rift S really needs it's own dedicated display port.