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What's up with the extra sensors?

I was looking to get some additional sensors for my Rift rigs (I have two so I can do doubles with my nephews).

I noticed in the devices there are slots for 5 sensors!

So, I took two sensors from the other rig and plugged them into my main one.

The fourth showed the cable speed and a green light.

The fifth showed and green light and the word "connected"...

That's when I noticed ANOTHER slot had shown up for another sensor!

I took the third one from the other rig and plugged it in and lo and behold, it recognized it with the word "connected" next to it.

No more slots showed up.

What do you think?

Because of the Rift S multi camera setup is in the current software, does that mean I can now hook up 6 sensors on one system?

Because that would be ridiculous.

I like my new Quest, but it doesn't hold a candle to my Rift's tracking..., even with just 3.

I've used 4 before outside at night at about 16 feet apart and it was awesome.

I played Arizona Sunshine and I would totally forget about teleporting. (My nephew was keeping a watch for me when I got close to the edge of the area)

With 6, I would put in active repeaters and see how big an area I could make. 

Horde mode with no teleport? Sweet....

The downside is that's another half dozen sensors to buy... (two systems, both outside, side by side, makes 12 senors needed total)

Anyone know if that's a real possibility?

I think I'm gonna have to test this hypothesis next weekend...

Expert Protege
rift s not work with old rift sensor , this is a new trackng technology ! 

Who said I have a Rift S?
The software has to work for both the Rift S and the old Rift and right now the software for my Rift is showing six sensors.

Each sensor slot recognizes a sensor when it's plugged in to a USB port, so I'm thinking I might just be good to go.

I may play with it tomorrow.

Tonight I'm using my quest without boundaries in my backyard.