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When will Oculus Rift S be back in stock?

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Hoping to get one for my sons birthday in August..

Around the same time that humanity smartens up and develops true Warp Drive.....or when @snowdog gets a date with @vannagirl


Oculus is using some kind of sales tactic, they say “Wow guys! One left! Hurry and get it!” so you feel more pressured to buy it, but after it’s gone, a week later they’re like “OMG it’s back! But only one!” So just check the website frequently, and within a week or two it’ll be there. You’ll just have to make sure to get it right away before someone else does, or you’ll have to wait another week or so.
P.S. This is only on the Oculus website, Amazon and stuff will stay out of stock.

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Its back in stock, i've just bought one today

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Can yo please use this instead thanks.
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