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Where has the Deal of the Day Gone?

Expert Protege
Is it just me or has the Deal of the Day promotion gone away at the Rift Store?  Most of my purchases were "Deal of the Day".  All I see now are like Combo / Duel purchases that in some cases cost more than just buying the games separate. I think this happened as soon as the Rift S launch.  I'm guessing we don't want to put anything on sale so new users to Rift S just pay full price?  

Bring Back the Deal of the Day Please... and thank you. 


Maybe the problem was that people only bought deal of the day items?

Expert Trustee
I believe daily deals will return.
 Since Rift-S and Quest just released they might have putted Daily deals on hold as they could make some profits having newcomers buy up games and apps for their inventory.

Always check out the "on sale now" category in the store as there is almost always good stuff to pick up at great prices.
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