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Rift not detected after PC restart

Well the thread about this issue appears to have been deleted... so here we go again...Everytime I power on my computer I have to replug my USB cable to make my Rift S work.Any idea what the problem is?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New Potential User..Please be patient!

Hi, a silly question perhaps, but I am an experienced flight simmer/pilot and want to buy an Occulus Rift S for MFS 2020 VR. I have a high end spec PC which should have no problems supporting it. Now at present, I am using both keyboard and joystick ...

doneuni10 by Honored Guest
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Journey to a replacement

Hello, I have had a rift s for a year. It lost tracking fore and aft so over a period of months I tried ALL the recommended fixes- usb, different ports, lighting, beta etc etc. It still lost tracking off and on but gradually got worse and due to the ...

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Rift to Rift S?

Hey all... I was an owner of a Rift from 2017 till a year or so ago when I sold everything mainly due to lack of use. Fast forward to today and I'm considering getting back into VR... PC isn't an issue (i7 7700k with 24GB 3090) and upon checking out ...

What USB is compatible with RiftS?

So, I have a lot of problems with mine RiftS since I bought it. Apparently there is a lot of USB that this thing does not support... One of mine usb makes my screen "glue" to the headseat and force me to reset. Other ones make controllers shake whene...

XxShadyxX by Honored Guest
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Help please

hello, it has been 2 weeks since I took the oculus rift s, when I went to connect it to the same ports as always, I put them on, the oculus application opened but I didn't see anything in my viewer, I looked and done all the things that put me in the...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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RIFT ERROR on MSFS Profile Load.

I set up a profile for MSFS2020 but get the following error message when I try to load it. PLEASE HELP!See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.************** Exception Text *********...

Turnip579 by Honored Guest
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Rift S screens not working

Hi AllMy Rift S headset does not appear to be working. The screens inside the headset do not turn on/light up when placing the headset on my head.All updates have been applied, and the device shows up as "connected and active" in the Oculus software....

Offa_Rex by Honored Guest
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Installing Rift S

I have a new Rift S and set up an Oculus account and FB account. When I try to install the app on my computer it asks me to sign in with FB, but when I do that it takes me to a page that says "Continue in Your Browser" and tells me that confirmation ...

Oculus Rift S Sensors Not Working

I haven't used my Rift S for a few days, but when I tried using it it wasn't working. I went through the setup again and it told me that the sensors were not working. I tried every USB on my pc but no dice. I did the "repair" option for the software,...

Walter791 by Honored Guest
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Laptop for Oculus Rift S

Looking for a laptop that is compatible to buy with this. Something inexpensive since the only thing I will do with this is let my daughter use it for the Oculus Rift S. Thank you in advance!

Restart Computer

I've been trying to install the oculus setup for over 3 hours now and I've only worked around problems instead of fixing them, just to run into more problems.My C drive is always jammed with 80% of the capacity being taken up by the PC's program file...

3Pyxis by Honored Guest
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troubleshooting some problums im haveing

ok i got got a rift s, went through the setup, and I'm having a few problems:the first problem is that i get thin loading screen in the rift s where its just a black room and a oculus logo with three dots in it my hands/controllers are rendered but s...

Copying rift library to my new pc

Hi.My 8TB drive has arrived.... Hoping to build my new rig before the NY.If I plug the new drive into my current pc and then move my oculus library to the new drive.Then when I build.my new PC and put the large drive in the machine will the files.i c...

oculus ticket responses are trash

i made a few tickets saying that i tried the things that they always say to do but the same response telling me to unplug and plug the cables in even tho in the ticket i said i already did it and my issue is that the headset turns off when launching ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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