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Oculus software not detecting headset

Earlier i was playing vr and my headset was perfectly fine. But when i was done i unplugged it for a while, now when i plug it back in device manager will detect it but the oculus software wont (even the light in the headset wont turn on).I was playi...

Problem with my Touch on Rift

Hello guys,I have a problem with the right Touch on my Rift (CV1, not Rift S). When I try to install it after a long period without use it, no problem with the Rift and the 3 sensors. But, when I try to connect the controllers, the left is OK, but no...

Replacing CV-1 Touch Controllers

Hello Everyone,I have had an issue with my right touch controller for around 5 months now. I have contacted support a few times, and they have been unable to help, but have assured me they are looking into it. My most recent contact with support was ...

LinkRS by Explorer
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Option to disable Guardian!

There is a part of community that use VR for flight and driving sims so we don't need Guardian and controllers.with recent buggy Oculus software that Guardian crap keeps resetting and demanding to set it up every time i start game in VR, to do that i...

Screen Flickering.

Sadly my Rift S have a big issue..When im playing any game like beat saber or VRChat.Sometimes and mostly very heavy when longer using, my screen starts flickering..My Game getting stucked, or needs to reload to fix it..So sometimes its just Freeze f...

Venjox by Honored Guest
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This is the worst product I have ever bought. Oculus has hidden in the small print that YOU will spend alot of time and money to get the Rift S to actually work on a brand new tower computer to work ( YEA THEY DON'T TELL YOU IT WON'T WORK ON ALL-IN-O...

Rift S display issue - USB 3.0 Query

Hi all,I'll try to keep this brief, about a month ago after a windows re-install of a new SSD my oculus has had an issue where the display stops working and I get a good 1 second of visuals before a black screen takes over. The audio however works fi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Please Help, Rift S is a total mess

Mi rift S is a complete mess. Display Port connection issues, sometimes when plugging the device, but from nearly a month now this crap of device just stopped working in mid-game after a random amount of time. It just stops tracking, the fucking ligh...

Cannot change audio depth to 44100 HZ (CD Quality)

Hi, All.I know there was a sound issue where you cannot hear in-app sounds while you can hear it in Oculus Home.https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/61444/no-soundI am quite sure that my issue is the same as theirs.Their solution was to s...

ebenh by Honored Guest
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Last Nvidia drivers

My oculus rift s just arrived today, and tried to setup them. With the last nvidia drivers the display doesn't even go on, with an old one it goes on for 30s, black screen, screen off, screen on, other 30s without trouble, and black and off again. Wh...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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windows 7 installer

hello all. An error occurs when installing the program oculus rift on windows 7 sp1update requiredKB2670838 KB3033929but these updates are already installed in the systemwhat to do?

tehnikpc by Honored Guest
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3.1 ports: graphics card or motherboard

I am new to VR and will be using it in my x-plane 11.41 set up. MY system is OS: Win 10(54 bit). Motherboard: ASUS Tuf 2390M-Pro. Graphics card:ASUSGefource RTZ 2070. . CPU I9 I am presently running three monitors off of the DP ports on the Graphics ...

Oculus crashes with X-Plane 11

HelpMy Oculus Rift S crashes when loading any plane in X-Plane Vulkan. The white dot in the headset turns yellow in the middle of the loading process. When I do the Oculus Restart from the settings beta screen I can get the white led again, but why i...

sesanchez by Honored Guest
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