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SteamVR not displaying on Rift S screen

I haven't always had this problem but its been happening more and more often recently.What happens is that I go to launch SteamVR from the Oculus Library and SteamVR does launch, but on the Rift S screen it brings me back to the Oculus Home. If i go ...

Rift s black screen

I have the oculus rift s and after a exact week there was no display showing the software showed everything working perfectly. I have tried restarting the oculus software, trying the demo mode and public test channel, reinstalling the software, chang...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cartoon Network Journeys VR (SOLVED)

Hi all, I have the Oculus Rift S and when I play the Cartoon Network Journeys VR, I can only turn left and right and if I want to walk forward I can't by using the controllers but I can If I move with my feet. is there a way I can customize my contro...

Can I select which GPU to use?

Hello, I am Richy.I own the Oculus Rift S, and I have a question.So, my desktop has 2 graphic cards; a AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB and also a NVIDIA GeForce GT 220.I mainly use my RX 580 for graphic intensive processes like gaming and etcetera, but I use t...

Cable Extentions

Hi, I'm sure this has been spoken about before butI'm not sure what the right answer is here. I basically want to play VR in myfront room and my PC is upstairs,... I need exactly 6meters .. preferably 10m to achieve this.Is there a way? Currently I h...

SirH4nson by Honored Guest
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Tracking Check Failure on Device Setup

Hey lads, so im having an issue here. Im having issues with tracking on device manager. The sensors are not able to be tracking. I took what was recommended to me (restart, try every 3.0 port), etc. Heck, i even reinstalled Windows 10 and that didnt ...

CV1 : What are my controller options?

I own a CV1 and no touch controllers. I favored sit down experiences, but it seems even Seated experiences need controllers now. I tried looking for a set now, and it's rather confusing. It looks like the original touch controllers were discontinued ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Tracking issues on Rift S

Hello, i bought a Rift S today and ive got tracking issues in Beat Saber. I swing the Controller and the Game doesnt seem recognize it. I tried it on 50hz and 60hz but it wont get away. Hardware: Ryzen 5 2600, RTX 2060 Super, 16GB Ram, B450 Tomahawk....

binmelone by Honored Guest
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Not PC Savvy - Need Help

I'm interested in getting the Rift for my current PC but I'm not too sure if my PC is Rift compatible - HP 800 G1 SFF, i5 @ 3.2GHz, 16GB RAM, 180GB SSD + 500GB, Win10 Pro, NVIDIA GT 1030 2GB. Those are the specs of my computer from the website I boug...

"Unknown Scources" dont work for my rift s.

SO, i got my rift a few days ago. It worked fine on the first day, but if i load vivecraft, roblox vr, ect, it stutters, then red status light, then black screens. is there a fix for this? Minecraft is very fun in vr, but its annoying to troubleshoot...

C0d3k1d by Honored Guest
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Left controller suddenly stopped vibrating

I had gone to make and eat dinner after a session of light saber where everything worked just fine and a little over an hour afterwards I came back to play some more vr but noticed that suddenly my left controller no longer vibrated. I've already tri...

Bobbert_ by Honored Guest
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Asgard's Wrath Stuck On Loading Screen

Hello, I bought this game at launch and I was able to play it once on that day, but after the first update it will not get beyond the initial loading screen. I've tried uninstalling then re-installing, updating Nvidia drivers, etc, but nothing's work...

jamietmob by Honored Guest
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Left display randomly loses image on CV1

When im playing, everthing can go fine for few minutes to even an hour but every time my left screen loses image. sometimes vertical lines appear, sometimes colourful pixels with transparent last frame of the game, sometimes it's just black screen. e...

W0JDA by Honored Guest
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Probleme cable displayport Oculus Rifts

Bonjour,je possède un oculus rifts depuis plusieurs moi qui fonctionnais très bien mais depuis plus de deux semaines un problème est apparu soudainement.Explication: quand je joue a un jeu Oculus VR le casque est bien reconnu ainsi que le port displa...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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1050 or 1650 for Rift S?

Hi all,Recently I've decided to purchase an Oculus Rift S. However, I need to upgrade my graphics card in order to run VR.I was thinking about buying an Nvidia GTX 1650 for the upgrade, however I saw some posts saying that the Rift S doesn't run well...

Alijar by Honored Guest
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RIFT S performance issue

Hi all,I having some performances issues with my brand new oculus rift s, in fact i think he doesn't detect my graphic card.I'm playing on a MSI Laptop, GE72MVR 7RG apache pro, my spec are intel core i7 7700 HQ with a chipset intel HD graphics 630, a...

Rift s guardian system for a wheelchair user

Having trouble setting the correct height for rift s. Im in a wheelchair and you can only set height by touching the floor with controler but this makes me at a sitting down hight in all the oculus games. On the original rift you could fake your heig...

v20 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Update 8/19/20: We've added a couple additional items (Recording in-VR and Tracking) to these release notes that were note included in the original post.Update 8/10/2020: We just released another update to the PTC. This update contains a fix for an O...

Webxr support?

Any news on when Oculus will finally support webxr on the Rift and Rift S? WebXR will allow you to watch VR content directly in Chrome and Mozilla. I'm surprised this isn't supported yet.

Can You Still Get A Replacement Cable?

After 3 years of using my rift, the cable has some damage, and the screen sometimes starts to flicker. I want to get a new cable however they are not for sale. After doing some research they are apparently not for sale anymore and people are struggli...

SpaceTurd by Honored Guest
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headset lifts up when I wear it

When I put on the rift s the front of it sorta lifts up so the lenses are way higher than where my eyes are and about 1/4 of what I can see is the floor or the back of the headset. Am I wearing it wrong is there someway to flip it down into place?

TreuBoyz by Honored Guest
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Dark screen / low gamma

Everything is working great, but the gamma, or brightness/contrast are way off in the headset. Bright whites are still bright, but the lower brightness parts of the image are very crushed.I've tried different cables and ports, restarted the PC, the O...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Disable Guardian?

My roomscale setup is not in the same area as my desk and seat. When I want to use the Rift S seated is there a way to disable Guardian? I've looked in the Oculus app and in Dash but haven't found that feature.