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Rift S constantly freezing and rebooting

Hey, Ive had my Rift s about 6 weeks now, and having no end of problems.First off my spec - Intel i7 -9700f, Radeon RX 5700 XT, 32gb DDR4 ramI have re installed Windows with all the updates to 1909So, the Rift Itself. You will be playing a game, and ...

Do Not Disturb

I just can't seem to stop getting messages in game about stuff I don't care about. I have it set to "Do Not Disturb" but it doesn't seem to stop them. 20 minutes into Synth Riders a distracting message about new items for my home. I haven't seen my h...

Rift S Setup issues.

Just got the rift S and having issues. I can get past the connect your headset stage, and got stuck at the sensor part. Tried all the fixes I could find and ended up getting a USB3 hub. Same issues. The light would only stay blue in the headset for a...

Johaad by Level 2
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PC Software Build 19.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available throughout the week of 7/20/20Oculus LinkYou can now select from 4 graphics profile settings to optimize your experience with Link. The new settings options are:Automatic: When this option is sele...

Propblems with mini display port

I just got a Rift S and am trying to use it with my asus rog strix scar 1 laptop. My laptop meets the specs, and I use a 1050 ti gpu, but the software says My graphics card is not compatible. I can get the usb to connect, but the mini display port do...

TLop503 by Level 2
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Rift S Finger Tracking

Considering the differences in the Rift S and Quest, Will the Rift S be seeing finger tracking in the future or is development on that type of software going strictly towards the users using the Quest? Any information would be helpful to those who ar...

Reolos by Level 0
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can,t run my oculus rift s

hello,i get an error message while checking the sensore tracking .is maybe my system not compatible?if not can you please give me an advice for a new motherboard or cpu.thank you for your helpMy system:Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. -UD3Pgeforce gtx 1...

Controllers loose tracking

I know whats going on but i don't know how to deal with it. When im playing beat saber i run into a issue where if i swing my controller to fast it will cause the controller to loose tracking and it can only rotate. I guess this is do to the battery ...

Alienware Laptop

Can my Alienware m15 R2 laptop Intel Core i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Intel UHD Graphics 630 run a oculus rift s, if it cant are there any other options out for my laptop?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift S DisplayPort Issues

Hi Everyone,I can get into the Oculus Home fine but when I try to load into another application like Dreamdeck the headset display shuts off and I see a notification on my desktop that says the DisplayPort is not connected. It is connected both to my...

rift s crackling sound and low volume

hi, as the title suggest i am having an issue with my new rift s that after a while it is plugged and it is left unused it starts to make this loud crackling sound that stops only if i unplug and plug back the usb cable. it also does it sometimes if ...

Jacopo94 by Level 3
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I cannot get my games to download

Heyo. I just purchased a game yesterday and ever since then I have been trying to install it. All it ever does is say Store notification. Mummy Hunter couldn't download. Please check your connection or go to oculus support. I have a good connection a...


hi guys i need some help im having a issue where im getting stuttering in my headset only not on the preview on echo arena its every few seconds like a double take stutter and i get a gpu frametime spike i have tried changeing ports even got a inatec...

Crashing all the time

my rift s has started to crash and go to a black almost every time im playing a game. most of the time its in single player games which is especially annoying for games like boneworks. the last time i used my headset it crashed but this time it messe...

Easy bug fix request

please, PLEASE add the new graphics cards to the "supported" list in the software (don't know its name): the message "your pc doesn't meet minimum requirements blah blah blah" really annoys me. Thanks. (r5 3600x, radeon rx 5600 xt)

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Received an empty box from Oculus

My package finally came in today been waiting almost a month for it to ship. Got to the UPS store and got the box, seemed extremely light for a 9-pound shipment, opened it in the store cause I had a feeling something was wrong, opened it to find noth...