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I've no more patience left

Hi all, Newbie here.Is anyone else having issues with the rift lately? Mine has been working perfectly, until yesterday, which was the same time my gpu drivers updated (sapphire 5700XT Nitro+). The headset screen works fine on the oculus dashboard bu...

Oculus Rift randomly Disconnects

So I have had my Oculus Rift for around 2 years now, and about a month ago I started getting this problem where my Rift would randomly disconnect from my PC, the screen just goes black and i need to restart my oculus software to get it back on. This ...

Cybli by Honored Guest
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Class action law suit

A very large number of Rift users have their expensive equipment sitting idle because they cannot get a replacement cable for the headset. My cable got twisted and quit working after 16 months of use. Needless to say I have spent hundreds of dollars ...

does occulus offer refunds and a new headset?

mine is like on its way out, somthings not right with it, my pc is well above the reccomended specs for vr but my headset still crashes and the mic never seems to work, im going to return my headset to my local computer store and im going to get a ne...

kunio18 by Explorer
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idk what to try anymore

I got a rift s a couple days ago and it hasn't worked at all out of the box. Had issues with the display port not connecting, but with a lot of trial and error got that to work some of the time. Have looked at probably every Oculus or reddit post on ...


Rift s Controller stuttering (Answered)

I've been playing on my rift s for a while now and of course when I first got it I had all kinds of problems such as tracking for my controllers, I did my research and figured out how to fix it so I have had no problems with it. BUT recently my contr...

Llarrie by Explorer
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Right Lens Stopped Working

So its been working fine but today my dogs were playing in my room and knocked my rift off my desk and now one of my lens stopped working I've tried to switch the hdmi but it didn't work how would I fix it

cstaleyjr by Honored Guest
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No Fastener to the Cable on headset = Blackouts.

No Fastener to the Cable on headset = Blackouts as it standsfrom all the trail and errors from past unit from ur end till owning a CV1 Rift. No fastener are used to " Stabilize " the Cable thats a few cent from its connection. why is there none? No i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hi all,I will become a owner of a Rift S soon (in few days), I read reviews, watched videos and so on and I'm excited, of course nothing installed yet until the Rift S will come home, but reading last news about it, It seems that the Rift S is an aba...

Rift S controllers allways on.

Hello. My Rift S controllers are permanently on (with the white light on), even though I am not using the headset and the controllers. Is this normal? Could this be the reason that the batteries last so little (less than Rift)?Thank you.

graphic issue with new update oculust rift

After version 19.0 was installed I started having graphics problems with my games, specifically with DCS and IL2, being in the cabin it has a "vibration" and the edges look as if they jumped. Then I tried Proyect Cars 2 and the same thing happens, th...

reapermnb by Honored Guest
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Displayport issues on Brand New Rift S

What appears to be a common issue from what I've googled, but my displayport cable is not being recognized in my Oculus App.Things I've tried:-Unplugged and replugged USB and displayport-Update Graphics, Bios, USB drivers-Turn off power management in...


To those Regretting purchasing the Rift S

So it been almost a week since the new V18 update and I've seen new people excitingly waiting for their Rift S to come into the mail and making a full 180 on their purchase when they go to the forums. Honestly,I am new to VR cause I just got my Rift ...

Crqist by Protege
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SOLVED Rift S, sensors can't track headset

Had my Rift S for 3 weeks had issues with it connecting out of the box but after some messing around unplugging and re plugging the cables i was always able to get it to work again. For the last 2 day's however i have been getting a sensor check erro...

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Ash4ord by Explorer
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Rift s problem solved

Hello everyone,I was able to solve my problem with the Rift S. I have spent countless hours on it. I've really done everything that is written in all the forums on the www.For me the solution was a mixture of 2 solutions that are widely used. My moth...

Rift S USB connection not working

I've had the error "USB connection not working" ever since I first tried using the Rift S with this PC. I tried updating the USB drivers, still didn't work. I also tried using a powered USB hub, that didn't work. I then bought this t.ly/MgjJA. I trie...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Display Port 4K vs 8K Cord

I'm finalizing a new Rift S setup and am attaching a DP extension cable to the setup for more room. I currently have a 4K cable with a 10 foot reach, and an 8K cable with a 6 foot reach, both utilizing a Display Port Repeater.I am not sure what the O...

Silcar by Honored Guest
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