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Original Rift Black Screen

Still not sure if it's a software or hardware issue but my Rift has black screens. It was working fine yesterday with all of the stuff I'm mentioning nothing new has changed but I still want to mention it. I'll play for around let's say like 10 minut...

Gr4nnd by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Do Oculus have an upgrade option?

A bit of a random one here, but I was wondering if gamers with older Oculus Rifts were given an option to upgrade at a discounted rate to a more wireless setup? From what I gather you can't sell your old Oculus on the likes of eBay because it is tied...

Colours gone washed like too high gamma

Hello guys...sometimes id like to open a post where to say " hey i have no more problems with rift s" lolToday, suddenly all colours are so washed, its like headsed have his gamma at 200% than normal and i really dont know how to change it on the ocu...

My Order

First & foremost it is Ridiculous there is no email or phone number to call for customer service... I consider that extremely poor customer service, I am trying to find out about an order I placed but my account claims I have no orders....My Order # ...

Just bought Arizona Sunshine, won't load

Other games I've purchased and downloaded from the Rift Store work great, but Arizona Sunshine just won't load. It shows the loading screen pop up for about 3-5 seconds before it just quits and returns me to the home screen. No error message is displ...

Framerate drops, and hand tracking is weird.

I recently bought a brand new gaming PC, and an Oculus Rift. Recently my smooth and perfect playthroughs have become choppy, and my hands will fling outside the guardian barrier while my hands are still. And every 30 second or so, my game will freeze...

Varmethon by Honored Guest
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v18 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Update 6/5/2020: With the latest PTC update, we have introduced a fix for the SteamVR tracking bug on Rift that some users have reported here on the forums. Please note, however, we are aware that some Quest + Link users may experience some odd track...

Just the BLACK SCEEN again

Have restarted the computer and program and unplugged and replugged the cables several times. Everything checks out OK but get the black screen. One time I was on the second restart and I got the 3 dots. Only once. Always black.This seems to be a com...

Rift S Max Cable Length

What are your guy's experience doing long cable runs with the Rift S? Thinking of running my cable from my headset, into the ceiling above my game room, then having it come out of the wall where my computer is, this would be a 30-50' run. Is this pos...

Savage117 by Honored Guest
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Oculus App Crashes PC when closed

Hi all.Just got my Rift S yesterday and trying to get everything working how I would like. The main issue I'm having is that a couple of seconds after I close the Oculus app, the monitor screen splits in 2, half the actual window and the other half b...

PC Software Build 17.0 Release Notes

Update 5/15/2020: Hey everyone - thanks again for your patience during this rollout. The team just pushed out an update to those of you who have already received the v17 software update. This new build should resolve the blue screen crashes that some...

VRchat killed the internet connection

So as I went through the massive amount of complaints on VRchat, I didn't seem to find one that covers my problem. Yesterday I wanted to watch the VR concert by J.M.Jarre and since VRchat was a requirement I installed that infernal software. When I f...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can not install the game Zero Caliber!

I can not install the game Zero Caliber on Windows 10. I already turn off Antivirus. When i click to install then pop up warning " Sorry, it look like antivirus software blocked the installation the Zero Caliber....."Anybody can help me in this case....

Rift S microphone issues

Rift s Microphone has stopped working or picking up my voice in chat in discord or in the test facility provided by windows , anyone else have this issue??? Pc specs are ROG STRIX X570F gaming: RYZEN5 3600X: 32 GB CORSAIR Dominator 3200 mhz : western...

Diredemon by Honored Guest
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Working USB card for those looking

Since I got no recommendations on working cards, I am dropping this one to help anyone looking.BEYIMEI 5-Port PCI Express Expansion Card, USB3.0 5-Port 19pin Front Expansion Card, can Connect 5 Devices at The Same time, expanded by 2 Additional USB 3...

pc reboot loop and right touch controller

Im having a few problems with my rift s. I got it slightly used from someone a couple months ago and been through a few problems. I ended up getting the inateck pci-e to usb 3.0 card because for some reason my onboard usb 3.0 wasnt good enough. That ...


I have a new rift s (about 20 days old) and have been using 12.0. in 12.0 I have had no issues with stuttering. In 12.1 however the stuttering and delay on the controllers makes vr unplayable. Im using steamvr. My question is: what can i do to fix th...

"Can't reach oculus server" problem

So i've been using VR for a while now, and never had this problem. But the last 2-3 weeks, i just can't open my oculus app, i constantly get the message "Can't reach oculus server Please try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work, try repairi...

xDemonss by Honored Guest
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Replacing Headset

This may be a dumb question, I am replacing my CV1 headset and was wondering if I have to do anything special, or can I just unplug the old one and plug in the new one?

Rift S Sound ist not working

My Rift S speakers and built in audio jack is not working. I'm just able to hear sound with my PC Audio. I already tried everything on the official Oculus Support Site ("I don't hear any audio coming from my oculus Rift")and I got the newest version ...

Ni60 by Sightseer
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