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Custom music in Oculus home app

Hello.Has any one cracked the system already and know if (or how) we can add our own music to Oculus Home so it plays in the background? I'm not saying that the default music is bad it's just that it would be nice to listen to something else from tim...

Rudalpl by Protege
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Rift S Black spots in display

I have had my RIft S since the day of release (pre-ordered thru Amazon) and its been fantastic. I put it on today and I had 2 black spots in the view I can only describe as "cigarette burn holes" (like shown at the cinema to change rolls) and 2 white...

jezbeall by Explorer
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Oculus Quest (1) Screen Flickering

Hi, after factory reset and automatic update on my Quest 1 The screen stops at "Update Complete" "Continue" screen but is flashing on and off. According to my app, the Oculus and controllers are connected and with 100% power but the headset is stuck ...

Rift S no longer working (displayport)

I was using my headset for a good hour, but then the screen turned off, I then saw beat saber had crashed during a song and the Rift s disconnected, and now it wont come backAll im getting now is "no displayport connection" and running the log all I ...

Warmo by Explorer
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Oculus rift s headband never coming

I ordered a rift s headband replacement, which has been "Processing for shipping" for almost a month now and I do not know what to do, also my friend ordered a rift s which said it had delivered, but never actually came I am scared that both our pack...

Epicnase by Honored Guest
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My right controller is mapped wrong

Hello, this started to happen few weeks ago. A lot of games use the right joystick to rotate (moving the joystick left and right) but I rotate when I move it up and down. Also the stuff that should be mapped on joystick up and down is mapped on left ...

Tutek02 by Honored Guest
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Vader immortal III will not load

We have a rift and everything works except for Vader Immortal III will not load I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but the same things happens. My grandson really like playing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

tmcorbin1 by Honored Guest
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Rift not working properly with new PC

Hello everyone! Just got a new PC with an RTX 3070 and Ryzen 7 3800x. Since I got this PC my Rift CV1 has gradually become worse and worse. The audio has started stuttering. Then later the tracking started freezing. And now it's at the point of being...

Hunter_VR by Honored Guest
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Sale for the Oculus Rift S

On Amazon and at Target and Walmart, there is a -25% sale for the Oculus Rift S. However, I had it ordered prior to then and it's already been delivered, not used at all. Is there a way the $100 can be refunded, as we bought it for $399 but now that ...

Tankuu by Honored Guest
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Controllers not working with Steam VR

I bought The Forest on Steam to use with my Oculus Rift S. The game loads but the controllers won't let me select anything. Steam VR is definitely loading. Could it just be the game? It's the first Steam VR game I'm trying to play and it's annoying I...

Controller Stuck, it let just rotate.

Hi, i think i found out, why the controllers stuck sometimes. I read im not the only one with this problem but i can't solve it.If you set the iside-out look in the experimentals to on, you can push the oculus button twice and see throgh the cameras....

Jerra89 by Protege
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SOLVED Rift S USB 3 Problems

I had USB 3 problems with my Oculus Rift S. I solved it by purchasing a POWERED USB 3.0 HUB from both Walmart and NewEgg. They both work great. The USB 3 Port on Desktops and Laptops do NOT provide enough power to completely run the Oculus Rift S USB...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift S USB Hardware Problem?

Does anyone have the same problem as me?Connect my new Rift S to all my computers with USB3.0, USB3.1 and powered USB3.0 hub. Oculus app always show me USB DP check success, but ensor check fail.I googled a lot of information, and found that there is...

USB 3.0 Problem SOLVED

SOLVED USB 3.0 Problem. Oculus Rift SUSB 3.0 Port on Oculus Rift needs more power than most USB 3.0 ports that laptops and desktops can provide. Get a POWERED USB 3.0 Hub. No more USB 3 issues. Pictures of the units I bought are below. Either one wor...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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says USB not connected

Is Oculus capable of making a headset that does not fuck up all the time? This is a brand new Rift S with latest firmware and already twice in one day it will just disconnect. I already returned a brand new Quest 2 yesterday that would constantly hav...

trek554 by Adventurer
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Usb connection not working

My friend is experiencing something weird. His rift S and the oculus app is not connecting properly but steam vr shows it's just fine. Me and him have pretty much the same set up except he has a slightly better graphics card than me and I am not havi...

Several usage and game questions

Greeting from a new user. I bought myself an Alienware Area 51m R2 laptop recently and a rift. Loving it so far, I wish Skyrim VR was my life. Have some questions. I did look through the options and settings for anything obvious first1) Can i make th...

No image on Rift S, but audio is working

Hi guys,Do you have any suggestions on what should I check? I have no image in my Rift S, but it says connected in the Oculus dashboard and the audio is working. I've tried different USB ports and repairing the device to no avail. Also, I could hear ...

squadrum by Honored Guest
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Stuck at loading screen

Hello, Im developing a vr game. İt was working just fine. I have Buy a SSD and clean win10 at it. my program now just dont launch. I have try xr-plugin , manual OVRPlugin but not working. İf I enable any of them unity returns me "Unable to load OvrPl...

Rift S Frame rate drop and audio loss problem

Hi there, ive had my Oculus Rift S for about 6 months now, i had a 2 month period off it because this problem was just killing the vibe for me, this is make or break for me, if i can't get this issue solved, the Rift S is going and ill certainly be c...

Three weeks Rift S

Here is my experience with the Rift S after three weeks usage.There is some TV snow from time to time, for less than a second. That should be fixed, but is not the most urgent one. Games with no issuesX-Plane 11.35DCS World 2.55Prepare3D v4.5 HF1Aero...

Rahotep by Protege
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