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Sold out

So I've been searching online for the oculus rift s pc powered version and it's sold out does anyone know when it will be back in stock

Unable to install programs from the Store

Hi,I am unable to install programs bought on the Store. The payment works (nice !) , but I have an error message telling that it's impossible to install the program.I looked to my Norton 360 antivirus, but all the Oculus programs are rated OKThe prob...

„Save to VR“ on Rift S?

There are these cool VR videos from the oculus page and I can save them to VR with a dedicated button, but then I don’t know where to find them. Do you guys have any idea where I can find them?

Does Rift S work with my laptop(Dell G7)

I have a Dell G7 laptop with intel i7 9th Gen16gbram. My display adapters are intel UHD Graphics 630 with additional nvidia Geforce rtx 2060I have a mini display port adapter, and usbC thunderboltI have read that there are issues with Rift S working ...

Controller vibration

I have a problem with my right touch controller, when it vibrates on max the controller buzzes loudly and annoyingly to the point I had to uninstall a game "Gorn" because everytime I hit an opponent the controller starts buzzing very loudly and annoy...

S0leily by Level 3
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Issue with my new Rift S - problem with display

Having issue with my new Rift S I got hooked up today.Everything was fine and it worked quite well, put headset up and closed Oculus Home.Noticed the light in headset was still white and the blue light on front of headset was still illuminated.Put he...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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My oculus rift s isnt working...

I got mine a few days ago. I've tried everything like plug it out wait 10 sec plug back in, the camera settings, usb power settings, checked if everything was in properly, updated everything even got a new 3.0 usb c port and tried but still not worki...

tracking delay when swinging hard

So, I bought a rift a few months ago and recently i have been having a problem where whenever i am in vr, And i swing my controllers very hard. My controllers have a hard time catching up with the swings. and that makes it hard to play some maps in b...

are virtuclear perscription lenses any good?

im looking for some lenses for oculus rift s and i saw that on their webpage they recommend lenses from virtuclear. are they good quality lenses? i recently tried ordering lenses from vr-lens-lab but the ones i got gave a constant barrel distortion t...

DP splitter for 2 Rift connections?

Hi all,I use my rift s in 2 places. The upstairs mancave where the PC is and also downstairs in the lounge. I have a breakout box in the mancave and also one on the ceiling and I would like to connect them both to the same DP port on my 1080 as my g ...

Compatibility with my laptop

So im really excited because I want to buy an Oculus product and for me it shall be the rift s but I only have a laptop and no Displayport or miniDisplayport adapter if I buy an usb 3.0 adapter for it will it work need help! Thanks 

Green static problem.

I have the original cv1 rift I got my first one christmas 2019 and after like 2 months the screen started going static green then the screen died "ok? that was weird ill just return it and get it fixed" 'a long time later' 'vr shows up' "wow i can't ...

Sweat on Rift S Halo

Pretty sure this must’ve been brought up somewhere but I’m wondering what the solution is for keeping the halo padding clean without investing in some sort of steam vacuum thing that may or may not actually work - besides, investing in that just to m...

Minecraft VR

Hi, who knows the solution to the problem? I installed the game minecraft VR bought in the oculus store. I start the game but I can’t access it online, it says buy the game. I went into my account Xbox Live through which I played before, but now noth...

Rift S aviability in Spain

I see that the rifts s is not aviable in my county anywhere for purchase including your oficial store. Any news on when will we be able to purchase a Rift S in Spain taking into account the current situation?

Failed to start Oculus Rift software

I have an Oculus Rift. i have used it for about 3 months with out a single glitch.when i start the oculus software i get an error message: Cannot connect to Oculus service (it's in dutch "kan de oculus-service niet bereiken")i followed pretty much ev...