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Christmas Sale?

Hello i been flying DCS with my CV1 rift since 2017 super happy with it! Now im in the market to upgrade to a Rift S! Will there be a sale on the Rift S during the Christmas? I live in Sweden if that makes a difference. Happy holidays!

class action lawsuit needed!!!

I see that lots of us have problem to use our headsets. We have pay them lots of money and have worthless trash without support....Headset have huge software problem to connect with pc. Well if they do nothn maybe we should start fight...

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Can't Connect my Rift S

I've been trying for hours to figure out why my new Rift S won't connect. I've gone through all the troubleshooting steps, nothing has worked. At one point, I was able to connect it but then the next step wouldn't work so I disconnected the headset t...

Issues with display-port on rift s

So i have had my rift for a couple of months now and a while ago the headset started to act-up, because every time i put on the headset it would turn on, go black, then turn off again and then on my screen it says "display-port inst plugged in or has...

Displayport non riconosciuta

Ciao a tutti ho una gxt 1050 con sia la porta displayport che HDM , però il programma rileva soltanto usb .. non ne vuole sapere di configurare quella porta .Questo implica il totale inutilizzo del oculus appena comprato .Mi saprete dire se e un prob...

Stuck in a 'software restart required loop'..

I was able to use my Rift S for a few days before I started getting this message and now no combination of unplugging/replugging uninstalling/reinstalling will get it to work.I've gone through all the trouble shooting hoops in these threads (linked b...

ajf311 by Level 3
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So i just bought a Rift s and want to use it with my laptop for when my family comes over, are there any good adapters that would carry out the full resolution and 80hz from display port to hdmi or usb type c without paying more than 30?

Newest drivers causing system interrupts

Anyone else having this issue? since i tried the newest drivers it gives me system interrupts and causes my cpu to spike to 100% and stay at about 60-80%.I tried reinstalling it so it doesnt use the latest drivers and that works fine for a few days u...

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Frame Drops When CPU and GPU barely being used

How do,I have just started to have some annoying issue where when playing beat saber the blocks noticibly stutter as they get close to you, checking with OTT I can see my fps is dipping to 87 constantly however my CPU and GPU are barely being touched...

Black Screen with Rift S in Setup

Hy guys,i get no picture when i should use my rift s to end the setup in VR. Only black screen, white led and sound, but no picture. Reinstalled, reconnected, new driver and so on.Im on a i7 4790k, gtx 1080. Till now i put hours in this damn thing......

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any one else finding the past up date broke it?

I got the update this morning, and when i got into my oculus home, i found that i can no longer press any buttons to bring up my library ect. I now have to aim and fire to get it to work, also in the virtual desktop with the virtual keyboard , i can'...

stuck on read the savety manual

Hi guy can some help me please? i keep getting stuck on read the savetymanual.. i cant skip the program is not stuck (freezd) i did read the manual for a solution but no luck please help me!!i did reboot the pc 3 timesi installed the software 2 times...

This is my second oculus rift s its a nightmare

My first headset you have to put it in display port in first then usb in last to make it work, if you leave it connected on bootup it would not work.My Second headset you have to put it in the usb first then display port in last to make it work, if y...

Redeeming free games on Rift S

I just got my Rift S yesterday. I noticed that people who got the previous model of Rift got Robo Recall for free and there seems to be another game that Rift S users are getting for free. I'm wondering if I'm missing something or I just don't get th...

No joy!!

I have been messing with my pc app for 2.5 days and no matter what the Devs say or the forums I still have no Oculus Link. How could they take something that was working great and turn it into a mess. I have a couple hundred dollars worth of games in...

Issues with freezing and trackers on headset

I just got my oculus rift s and for the most part I’m enjoying it for the most part . There are some issues I’m having .Motion tracking , freezing and having to restart my headset and pc . Also it sometimes doesn’t recognize the (joy sticks) ? Periph...

My New Oculus Rift Isn't Working!

I launched the oculus app and received an error that the boundaries weren't working so I clicked continue and acknowledge.Another error popped up ,"Oculus isn't working correctly". So i visited the support article , And followed the step-by-step inst...

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Left Touch Controller not working.

I was playing blade and sorcery with my Rift S when suddenly (I was standing still when it happened) my left hand froze in place, I moved the controller but it didn't move the hand, the hand does not rotate either. However, if I press a button on the...