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I would like to buy and Oculus for my son's PC for Christmas... can someone please explain to me the difference between the Rift and Rift S? I have NO idea what I'm doing, and I do not want to get the wrong thing!

Rift S to laptop connector

Hello. Just purchased a Rift S to work on HP OMEN 15" Gaming Laptop - 9th Gen Intel Core i7 - 1080p - GeForce RTX 2060Model 15-dc1025cl. I understand there may be some type of adapter or cable I will need from a third party. Does anyone know what and...

jbljbl by Level 2
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Missing marvel powers united vr?!

Hey guys, My brother is having an issue with marvel powers united. It's not in his library and when looking for it in store, it says you've already purchased this game. But no option to install.... Anyone any ideas?????

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Left touch menu button stuck

I'm having an issue where the menu button on my left touch is always being pressed down. The button itself isn't stuck or anything, I can press it physically but nothing happens since it thinks it's always pressed down. I tried restarting the Oculus ...

VR adapters

Looking to see what you folks are ussing to connect your Rift s to your PC, I bought a duel display adapter for my thunderbolt 3 today and it will not pickup the headset in the setup menu. And help is appreciated. Cheers

Has proccesing been over welled?

Hey guysI order my rift on cyber Monday. It has been a week and I still don't have a tracking number or at the minimum a update about the order.I was wondering if you guys were overwelled by the orders on cyber Monday?Any response would be great.

Abstract thought on passthrough

I have just spent a couple of hours running a desktop session in the RIFT S and had passthrough enabled, and have it configured to be on permanently.I was wondering if anyone knows if this method will put extra strain on GPU?Does the GPU perform proc...

Need help with choosing a motherboard.

So my current motherboard is not capable of powering a Rift S (P8z68v-Lx) so I have decided to upgrade from a i5 2500 to a i7 4790k that my friend offered me. What would be the best (and preferably cheapest) motherboard I could buy for this chip? I d...

largest play area?

so i have a large room i could clear out, its 11 or 12 foot square, question is before i do all this is there a maximum for play area for the rift s? whats the minimum recommended space?

Rift s drivers broke all of my USB ports

I got the rift s today and after installing the drivers my whole computer froze for a bit then a few seconds latter all the USB devices disconnected and I couldn't do anything because that included the mouse and keyboard. In the end aftwr about 10 mi...

jaymanh by Level 2
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Help: my Rift (CV) suddenly disappeared.

Hi, after using my Oculus Rift without any problems for about 1 hour, I took a break (30 minutes).When I put it on again,I had black screen. No sign of life. I went to Oculus config panel and realized my Rift was not connected.I tried to set it up ag...

Gico by Level 4
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Rift S future handtracking?

Bonjour, excusez moi pour le dérangement j'ai une petite question:- Est-ce que l'oculus rift S contient le hand tracking ou sera t'il prévue?Si non, il y a un autre moyen de pouvoir utiliser le suivi des mains? Un accessoire supplémentaire peut-être?...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Slow response time for tickets?

So I bought the rift S from the site and just this morning I get an email saying they cancelled it for no reason. I'm afraid they are going to try and make me order it again but pay full price instead of the black Friday deal.I emailed them this morn...

Brand new Rift S sensor check issues

My Rift S I purchased for black friday arrived a few hours ago and I have been having some seriously frustrating problems. First of all the oculus app it self is acting very weird with the majority of the time I just get stuck on the loading screen w...

piztols by Level 2
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Restart always problematic.

Hi,When I boot win 10 the oculus has always trouble connecting, asking to reboot the software.After some unorthodox unplugging and restarting all goos well.Is there any solution?

Rift S - Back from the dead!

Just wanted to let everyone know, that after 9 months of using my Rift S things have improved massively. I think they might have actually improved the tracking to an almost acceptable level. The other week I thought my Rift S was bricked as it didn't...

problem with audio

The sound works fine, but when I use the oculus sometimes the sound goes out! I have to remove the cables and reconnect them in order to hear the audio again! It often happens. How can I solve it?

Djgoe by Level 2
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