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No light, No display, Not connecting

I have had my Rift S Headset for almost 3 years, and it has had problems before, but not like this.I tried plugging it in after a few months not being on it due to college work, but it doesn't display anything. The first time I plugged it in after a ...

New Rift S USB not working :(

I just got my Rift S and I tried setting it up but I'm stuck on the Connect Your Headset screen. I connected my Rift S to every port I have on my PC including USB 2.0 and 3.0! However the ring just keeps spinning (IMAGE 1 TO SEE) I don't think it's m...

j0zart by Honored Guest
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Rift S keeps disconnecting even on PCIe card

I have that common annoying issue. Just got Rift S, it wasn't working correctly at all when plugged directly to motherboard, but that's why I had Inatek PCIe USB 3.0 card left, after my pervious CV1. Now it works, once I have it going I can play for ...

uneasy by Honored Guest
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new graphics card problem

I used to have a 1080, which had a HDMI slot and a DVI slot, which was great for my Rift and my monitor.I just upgraded my card and now have just one HDMI slot. Where do I put my monitor and VR headset?

v23 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Quick note on release numbering - v22 was an internal only build, so we're jumping to v23!Oculus Rift SWe resolved an issue in Oculus Dash where pinned windows would show graphic distortion across the entire pane and not be visible to the user.Oculus...

Robot Mic

So when I'm talking through my Oculus Rift S mic, it starts to go all robotic. Not lag or anything, my mic just sounds like a robot for a bit then stops. Is there a fix to this? Everything is plugged up correct I believe and I have had my Oculus for ...

Xurrh by Honored Guest
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Rift and xbox controller wired.

Hi all. I'm hoping some one can help with a frustrating issue. I setup my rift with my wired xbox one controller with no issues. But once I start a game, I. E. Sw squadrons, my controller doesn't respond. Also, if I try and play any other non vr game...

Oculus app keeps closing

After I installed the latest update for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 to the driver version 417.35, the app keeps closing every 5-10 seconds popping up with the error oculus has detected a hardware issue that is preventing you from setting up your rift....

Capatonix by Honored Guest
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USB 3.0 on third sensor / Rift CV1

Hi!On the first set-up wizard, the PC app says it's better to plug only two sensors to USB 3.0 ports and the third sensor must be on a USB 2.0 port. After that, on the Devices section everything looked fine.But, after last SW update, on the Devices s...

Peblo33 by Honored Guest
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Cords not connecting

Hello, people. Does anyone know how to fix the cables if they aren't registering as connecting?.I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I have tried every usb port. No matter what I have done, the cables aren't registering as connected.

Steam vr games getting 2 fps

I keep trying to play steam vr games and they load up fine but as soon as I get in the actual game it lags and I get 2 fps. If I wait a bit it will go back to normal but then the next few steps I take it does the same thing. The only exception for th...

How do i pause Half Life Alyx

Im really struggling to find the button to pause half life alyx. Im not talking about the oculus or steam menus which are the only ones i can access. Im talking about the actual half life alyx pause menu. I would like to be able to change the movemen...

Running rift as a standard display

HiI was wondering if there was a way to run an oculus rift as a normal display and not need the software to run. I ultimately want to be able to run the rift through a hdmi to composite adapter and use it for fpv drone flying.Thanks

Problème RIFT S avec STEAM VR

Bonjour à tous! je viens ici, voiture je suis désespérer! Cela fait plusieurs semaines que je ne peux plus utiliser mon RIFT S avec STEAM VR! Quand j'utilise mon RIFT avec mes programmes et jeux d'application OCULUS, pas de problème !!!! mais dès que...

ifab74 by Explorer
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web Vr movie's

hi everyone, i try to use my rift to look web movie's but it's not working. i only have black screen or augmented reality, i try firefox and google but nothing work's. i try to manage 3D setting but i see nowhere https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/...

spikes525 by Honored Guest
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