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Question on hiding an app?

I see in the Oculus library where one can choose to hide an app.However if the app has been recently run, it will still show on the left hand side of Dash, and it stays there. No way I see to actually hideit or remove it from this list?Curious minds ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift S / Rift 1.43 Release Rolling Out Now

HomeYou can now use the Scale Tool to change an object’s size to make it larger or smaller. To scale an object, grab the object, make sure the scale icon is highlighted in blue, then push your thumbstick to the right or left to scale the size up or d...

15hrs no sleep

Bought a new pc and new rift s.Stuck on the connect your headset . Green tick for usb 3 and nothing for the display port.I have a asus rtx 2070s I've downloaded latest graphics card. I've clicked on oculus driver to check that also.I restarted . Rebo...

minimum spec

I work for a university where we last year acquired three oculus rift headsets. I've just got a new machine with an nvidia quaddro rtx3000 gfx 32gb ram and intel xeon E2286-m cpu. I should think that this should cover minimum requirement, but still I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Home Retro Console - Custom Cartridges?

I've only had my Oculus Rift for a few days now and I'm loving it. I like the home lobby thing where I can setup items showcasing purchases in my Library. Then, I find out I can upload custom models to show as well (getting ready to tinker with). I a...

Nimarus by Protege
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Supersampling error

Hello, im using the Oculus Debug Tool and something strange happens, i insert the value of 1.5 in the Pixel per Display Pixel Override but when i put the oculus the info i get about Pixel Density is a value of 1.35.I´m doing something wrong ?

Weird Jittering

Hi, im new to oculus and my headset has worked fine for the 3 months i have had it until tonight, i plugged my headset in and no matter what i do or change the screen jitters and jumps when i look around in any application, anyone have any ideas on h...

OVRServer_x64.exe high CPU usage

Hello, I currently have Rift S and noticed really high CPU usage when it comes to OVRServer_x64.exe When I start a game without moving the headset is all ok and OVRServer_x64.exe is using around 2% CPU but the moment i put it on, it goes to 16-20% I ...

SImDrive by Honored Guest
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Oculus store sale?

I got my Rift S like a month and a half ago. Can someone tell me does Oculus have some good game sales for Black Friday or around holidays?

LoneEcho by Expert Protege
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VoiceMeeter and Oculus Not Working

I have the Oculus Rift and whenever I try to use the mic with VoiceMeeter only my Rift Mic works but the software works fine in any mic test it just doesn't work with Oculus. I set the mic as Window Default (Which is VoiceMeeter) and the mic in-game ...

Phantom26 by Honored Guest
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