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Anyone else finding The Lab broken recently?

I can't seem to start The Lab for the past couple of days. It's a while since I used it, so I don't know if it's my system or a recent update that's the problem. Can anyone please confirm it still works for them (I'm using Rift CV1), to help me work ...

morsify by Level 4
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The left headphone doesn't work

The left headphone doesn't work in my rift cv1 I tried to take him out and put it again, reset the oculus app, try to update windows or my graphic card in Nvidia app nothing works for meWhat should I do

RonEyal by Level 3
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Help! please

so when downloading the oculus app everything goes smoothly until its time to actually open the app, it says can't reach server, I've been talking via email to tech support with no avail, also I get one response a day so I decided to try here, I have...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hand controller battery life is ludicrous

I replaced my hand controller batteries 2 months ago. Since replacing them, I've not touched the Oculus or the controllers. The batteries are now both flat without any use. Is this considered normal? There must be a severe power saving problem or the...

Tracking Issue.

Does anyone else have an issue with their display moving in the forwards/backwards axis?, I can move my head in any other direction and everything is normal, but if I move forwards or backwards the home screen (or indeed any screen) moves forward/bac...

Blutooth Bose Headphone

Hi I have a BoseQuietComfort 35 Series II and when I play in my PC the audio is fine but when I play in my Oculus Rift S the audio Stay in the VR Headset and I can make it reproduce inside my headphones or even in my pc they always stay in the Headse...

Pinned Windows no longer work... help

As the title says.. Pinned windows no longer work.. after pinning them, click back into a game.. and they disapear... I did the oculus repair and graphic driver update.. still dont work. Please help. Was working FINE, til last update.

How do you unplug Rift-S cable?

When I touch the cable I get static and disconnects. I've tried to unplug and replug the cable.I removed everything but the cable is just attached very tightly. Is there some secret to unplugging it? I have big hands maybe that part of the problem. S...

MowTin by Level 11
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Oculus Home - Custom Room Downloads?

Hello, I was hoping to get some tips on custom objects for Oculus Home. I've imported a few custom items and a few that are animated. I was hoping to get some help with custom rooms. I've gotten most of my objects from Sketchfab, but most architectur...

Nimarus by Level 4
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new Rift S user impressions.

So I've been using the headset for a day now, and this annoying oculus app has in the meantime asked me at least a dozen times to set up guardian and calibrate floor height. ULTRA annoying. Also whoever thought that foam on the headset that sits on y...

How to use steamVR?

Can someone please explain to me how to use steamVR with Rift S? Because i can't figure it out. I launched SteamVr, it opened oculus app and it completely reset my setup process so i had to go trough it again. Then Rift wouldn't detect my controllers...