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Oculus Rift Free Roam?

Im looking for something to turn the joysticks into working controller so I would be able to move around with them?I know this is possible for VIVE users is there anything we can use?

Sensors can't track headset.

I've gone through every single trouble shooting process so far and nothing works. I've tried every USB port I've got, plugged and plugged the cables in a thousand times and still nothing. I have no idea what to do now.

my VR headset is OOOFED

when I first got my VR headset, it worked good, I configured it and the setup went great. I had already bought games so I could play them when i got the headset for example superhot, pavlov and blade and sorcery. Not a single game worked, it was just...

Maffle by Honored Guest
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Headset lag

So i had gotten a vive and had played games and it ran every game on my pc flawelessly and it wouldnt work properly soon after i got it so i decided to get an oculus rift s instead, now when i go in games like beat saber it lags so much i can not pla...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Facebook Spaces

Does anyone know if Facebook Spaces is still "a thing?"I can launch the app and login, but then just get a spinning egg timer on a black background.Used to use this a lot on my CV1, but this is first time I've tried it since getting my Rift S and it ...

A way to disable oculus app?

So i just got my oculus rift s and am loving it, but i really wanna just use it with steamVR since i have all the games on their and dont want the oculus app opening each time, is thre a way to disable this?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Mirror not Working Properly

When I use the Oculus Mirror, it not only isn't centered, but it also has these black bars that appear gradually as I move my head from side to side.It's really weird, I have a video of it (the bitrate is really low but you can see the issue) https:/...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Anyone want to buy a rift?

im selling a rift for $300 if anyone’s interested. It’s been used for about 1hr, when I realized vr just isn’t meant for my computer. The cameras work, the controllers work. If your interested I live in Wappingers, New York. (The wires are a bit mess...

Different Problems with the Rift S

Hey guys,have my Rift S since 2 days now and i got only Problems with it. The Mic goes off for no reason, that i have to replugin the rift that it works, try different USB Slots already (3.1 & 3.0) and different Display Ports...no changes.Since today...

Downloading games is a hassle !

Hi everybody,downloading on the oculus store is really a painful task. Download stops itself every 10 minutes. I have to restart several times. Is there any trick to enhance the stability or is it an issue with oculus servers ??I tried beta and offic...

Oculus Rift S NO AUDIO

I plug the headset, I put it on, then there is a weird flick of the camera and suddenly the audio ceases to exist. Then I restart the app, I have sound again, 15 seconds later the camera flickers and again I don't have audio. When I say that the came...

Rethex by Explorer
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rift s setup "please restart your computer"

so i'm getting my rift s in about a month and thought i'd download the software early so i can start quickly when the headset arrives. i'm glad i did this because I've run into an issue, the software downloads just fine, but when it gets to the secon...

Fredmcc04 by Honored Guest
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Firmware 1.8.1 Killed My Rift S

Been using the Rift S on my Windows 10 PC since the first week with no issues at all. The other day I turned on the PC, fired up Oculus, and it asked to update the firmware of my Rift S to 1.8.1. YES I said. When it finished, my Rift S was "dead" - U...

mattsoft by Honored Guest
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Advice before buying

Hi, I'm looking into buying a second hand Rift to get a taste of the VR experience. And by "looking into" I mean I already bought one, but as soon as I tried setting it up, it stopped working.The HDMI connection was briefly detected during setup, hal...