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VR for Work (Multiple VIRTUAL Screens)?

Hey all,I am brand new to the VR world and the reason I purchased the Rift S was for R&D for potential use in our business. We require multiple desktop screens likely up to 6-8 screens that can be places around the user w/ full mouse and keyboard sup...


I can't seem to find this anywhere online. But I'm brand new to VR gaming. I just ordered my rift s and it should be here on the 30th. I heard that the headphones that come with it aren't optimal. I have a pair of Bose Sound link headphones that I wo...

Rift S Touch Tracking issue

Hello everyone,,i have often problems with the controller tracking.While playing Superhot vr on steam or Robo recall or sometimes in my oculus home the controller "hands" stuck near my body or both in the right sometimes. i can still rotate them but ...

Jinnoy by Level 2
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Discussing rift S tracking issues, need opinions

Hello, Ok so this topic is not meant to discuss about DEAD trackers / controllers, nor the static noises, black screens, etcInstead I want to discuss about what oculus seem to consider a functional rift S (so far)I've recorded myself doing standard m...

Aryetis by Level 2
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Pls help

I plugged in both wires for the Oculous into my PC, but it still appears black when I put on the headseat, do I need to download Some sort of oculous app or software?

Graphic settings?.

Graphic settings in VR. Ultra Settings vs Normal Ultra settings. If your machine is capable of running Graphics at ultra using non VR graphic settings this wont mess up graphics on the oculus will it?.

RIFT S - stutter / stuck every 2 second

hi pals and vr gamers,im already in contact with the rift support for several month's because of different issues. now i want to try some luck here at the basewell, lets start with the systemasus rog maximus 8 mobo with intel chipset and USB 3 and 3....

just bought rift s and i have big problem

when i play a bit then i get that the right battery is empty there is new battery but when i restart the oculus app then it is full. and when that happens, there comes a new right controller. it said it is new usb driver but i have the latest one. an...

Problems with Virtual Desktop

I have problems with using the oculus virtual desktop. I can see my desktop but I can't navigate through my desktop. Also the input of the oculus keyboard isn't working. And one more thing: When I want to use my mouse, the curser is only shown when t...

Display port problem

i recently got an oculus rift s and forgot to check if my laptop had a display port. I was wondering if i was able to plug the oculus rift s into a monitor with a display port then plug a hdmi cord from my laptop to the monitor?

Sairento vr is unplayable!!!

So I have an i7 7700 ibuypower with 16gb ram installed and an rtx2080 founders edition graphics card everytime I play sairento there is screen tearing, stuttering, fps drops, sudden freezes this is the worst optimized game Ive ever played!! Is anyone...

Josh9387 by Level 3
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Not enough c drive space

i tried to install the oculus setup but it says it doesn't have enough space in the c drive then i go to the link they provided to me for trouble shoot stuff and it said to [drive]:\Downloads\OculusSetup /drive=[new system drive] and i have now clue ...

Passthrough+ HotKey Assignment Request

Would it be possible to create a means to enable keyboard hot key assignment to toggle Passthrough+ in the Rift S in addition to using the button on the controller?I use the Rift S in several flight simulators such as P3D and DCS and do not use the h...

Robo Recall Not Working

Every time i load into Robo Recall this happens. I load in, choose my file, then the tracking goes all weird and then the game crashes. My headset would then be frozen saying that my right controller is out of battery, even though it works. It forces...

Setup problem

Hey everyone i have a problem setting my rift up. I can´t download the software. It says that i do not have enought space on my hardisk but i have 2,61 TB left on it. What do i do?

Maibad by Level 2
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Delivery time for Italy.

Hello guys, I'm new to Oculus forums, and I just bought an Oculus Rift S yesterday. I want to ask you something: When will I get the oculus? I live in Italy, Tuscany. (Actually it's Wednesday and I bought the Oculus on Tuesday)

Setup Probleme

Moin moin habe heute eine oculus rift s bekommen und habe das problem das sich die oculus app automatisch schliesst und direkt wieder öffnet und das ununterbrochen.Das passiert direkt wenn ich den usb kabel von der rift s am pc anschliesse.Grafikkart...