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Audio issues?

I just got oculus a couple of months ago and been having problems since day one, support helped little for me and I tried my best and just got a new Graphics card. It started to work again recently but after closing out of a game the audio breaks and...

Bryr by Honored Guest
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Perte de son/ lost sound

Bonjour;J'ai un problème avec mon Oculus rift, je l'ai acheté d'occasion il y a 3 jours, le premier jour il fonctionnait parfaitement, j'avais le son tout le temps.Hier, le son était coupé après quelques secondes, dans les jeux et le menu.Aujourd'hui...

lelemus by Honored Guest
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Microphone doesn't work

I recently bought my Rift S, and when I tried to use its microphone on Voicemeeter Banana, I received no audio. I then tried to use it on Audacity. No audio. It had worked the day that I got it, but it seems to had stopped working, which is odd, sinc...

Stutter when turning head in War Thunder

I have an AMD 3950X and a GTX 2080 and 64GB of ram. I would expect to run my Rift S with impressive settings.I have an irritating stutter when I turn my head. Sometimes it happens more than than others. I just turned the graphics down to medium to se...

Public Oculus Homes

I created a fun Haunted House in one of my Oculus Homes. I made it public. Is there anyway to invite people to it without friending them? I would like people to enjoy it but I don't know that there is a way to search for homes. I even thought about h...

Kodiak64 by Honored Guest
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Rift S problema usb 3

Salve, ho un problema con la presa usb 3, ogni volta che accendo il computer ed avvio oculus non me lo riconosce,ma scollegando la presa usb e ri connettendola allora mi riconosce l'oculus.. sapete dirmi come mai?? grazie 1000

spigola77 by Honored Guest
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Open a support ticket for Oculus Rift CV1

Hello,I have a problem with the left earcap of my Oculus Rift CV1 and I want to open a support ticket but when I try to do it with the url given in the support part of the Oculus website, I have a 403 Forbidden error...Whet can I do to open a support...

Looking for friends on Rift S

Stuck in quarantine, with no VR friends. Would anyone like to link up and play? Currently playing: VR chat, Boneworks, Drunken bar fights, Dream Golf VR.Down to play anything, just gets old quick with no friends. Cheers! Wash your hands mates!

Faint Hiss before Toxic smell

This afternoon I played a bit of Beatsaber before doing normal PC gaming. I left my rift s connected and used my headphones through the Rift S for normal gameplay. After a while I got a faint hissing sound like something was losing pressure before a ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The golf club vr steam

oculus updated on Thursday and now the golf club vr cleub tracking has been destroyed , keeps missing the ball. Tried everything , drivers ,tracking , reinstall the game , reinstall steam vr . ‘’I need help please , I only bought the pc and vr for th...

Bug that has completely RUINED VR for me

So I've had my Rift S since around April/May. A couple of months into ownership my sound cuts out across all applications while playing Pavlov VR for around 10 minutes. At the time this only happened in Pavlov VR. This got progressively worse as the ...

smelt45 by Honored Guest
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Install Path

How to change Install path to:C:\Oculus\Installer defaults to C:\Program Files\Oculus\ and will not let me change it. This pisses me off, why remove option to change it ???

My Display won't turn on.

As I just got my rift s today, straight out of the box, downloaded everything, and plugged in all the needed cords, I put it on to find out nothing comes up. Just pitch blackness. I then remove it to check the white light, which is on, then the blue ...

HeatZone by Honored Guest
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YAW VR - Motion Cancelation - ( I AM A ROOKIE)

Someone here with YAW VR and RIFTS, please, can you tell me how I must configure YAW or RIFTs ?? some times, the point of view doesn't move with me... i have been reading about and found some about MOTION CANCELATION, but.... i am very rookir on it, ...

jsilvafe by Honored Guest
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Rift S Not Turning On

Alright, so Oculus support has been no help so far, so I'm hoping someone here has a fix. My rift s had been working absolutely fine not even a week ago, but when I tried using it a couple of days ago, the display would not turn on. The Oculus app sa...