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Quit app button on right controller

Is the a way that this button can be changed to require say 2 quick presses to work, rather than just one. I have had a minor issue in a game where i am accidentally hitting the button and it is pausing the game. If this button required 2 presses or ...

Oculus Rift S headphone jack

I got a single microphone that connects through jack (it has 2 lines) and if I try to connect it to my PC, it shows up and works fine. If I try to connect it to the headset's jack it doesn't show up and doesn't work. I don't know anything relative to...

How I solved my Rift S static problems

Hi Guys, I preordered the Rift S and started having issues from the first day on, like static problems (snowy pass-through, stuck controllers etc).To get a solution I followed the discussions in this forums, my conclusion was, that the problems are r...

Rift S Video Playback Issue

I only got the Rift yesterday and it was working great, tried some VR Videos and they worked, but a new issue presented itself today, when I try play videos it plays for literally 1 second and stops, and every time I pause and play again, 1 second th...

Rift S cpu usage

I have a 4690k and GTX1070 in my system, which has been serving me quite well, but I've noticed with the Rift S, it always uses a lot of CPU (20-25%). This causes me to be bottlenecked by my CPU as it's always at 100% usage while in VR.I never notice...

itsjase by Level 3
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Phantom Right Touch controllers FIXED

This didn't fix absolutely every issue that I'm having, but after troubleshooting with support I noticed that after a re-install of the software, I was not put back into account sign in / creation, did not have to re-setup the hardware, etc - it put ...

Am I Rift S Ready

So, I tried using the Oculus check software and it told me my i5 9400x and 1660 were not compatible, but the specs said the recommended was 1060 and this is better than that. Am I missing something? Also, does the Rift S work well with SteamVR and is...

Moop515 by Level 2
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Rift S Touch Controllers and DCS World 2.5.5

Hello - I'm new to DCS world in VR and I'm loving it... EXCEPT - my touch controllers work in every way besides in the cockpit. My green "finger laser" activates with grip, but does not activate any cockpit function whatsoever, in any aircraft. They ...

Ineligible Drive

I just got my new Oculus Rift. Attempting to download the setup to my D drive instead of the C drive as my C drive is consistently full. My D drive has over a tb of space. It is an internal drive.I swear I've been trying to send the setup to the d dr...

Great Service by Oculus

I have had my Rift for nearly two years. I mainly play Elite Dangerous, and recently I started playing other games and using the touch controllers a little more. I noticed that the left touch controllers trigger button did not seem to respond all the...

Call me crazy...

Not literally (before you all do  )!I sent my Rift S back for refund as it just wouldn't 'play nice' - flashes, wouldn't start up without multiple restarts of the software or reboots of the PC. Positively, the sound was great and apart from the rabb...

RattyUK by Level 10
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PSA: try a USB3 port on your monitor!

No matter which port on my motherboard/case I tried, I was having frequent unexplained tracking hitches or outright lockups (depending on the game) within minutes of play. For those having this problem, it seems to be widely believed at this point to...

Test used RIFT on purchase with laptop

I'm about to buy used Rift CV1 but seller don't have the PC setup at his place to test Rift. I only have gaming laptop with GeForce 860M to come to his place to test.Is there any way to test helmet and controllers with my laptop? I don't need to run ...

SteamVR poor performance

Hi ! my Rift S doesn't run well most of my SteamVR games, I tried Open Composite to bypass SteamVR but games don't display in the headset.I'm coming from a vive pro so all of my games are on steam...

Looking for faulty rift devices

I wanted to ask if anybody has any rift systems that are faulty in some way and don't want them as I want to attempt to fix one for use as I cannot afford a new one and figured I take a shot at fixing one instead.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Library screen extremely tilted

When I open my library in the virtual space, it's tilted at a very extreme angle making it very difficult to navigate. No other screens are oriented weirdly. I can't find any settings to reset the orientation, and just resetting the view doesn't affe...

Tension on the back of my head.

Lately i've been playing around on my Rift, but have started noticing this pain on the back of my head. It feels like the strap is either ripping out my hair, or digging into my head. I have tried loosening and tightning the strap but it has not help...

Not sure what happened but it's not good.

I've had my Rift S for less than a week. I'm using it only for Elite: Dangerous.For a couple of days I was able to setup and play ED, although starting up the game seems to be hit or miss. About every other attempt to start will launch ED in the head...

RecRoom with virus???

Every time I try to try RecRoom avast tells me it's infected and moves it to the quarantine folder. Only happens to me?Thank you for any clues you can give me.

MPires by Level 5
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Resolved! what games can i play?

i lookd at the games for the oculus rift and i dont know if i can play the same games on the oculus rift s bc i want to play pavlo mincraft and beat saber if there is a other oculusvr headset i woud like to know sorri for wron spelling or crammer