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Oculus rift S first connection don't work

Hello, i'm having an issue with the connection of my oculus rift S. Just got it today and installed the oculus program but when it ask me to connect the oculus, it keep showing this page and it close itseft and reopen like 7-8 before just closing and...

HDMI issue, (seems like everyone has it)

i just wanna start of saying its amazing on how many people have this issue and there's still no fix, almost 2 years, people spending hard earned money to play a vr game and having hdmi not connecting, i only got to play my VR maybe 2 times, everythi...

Left Controller issue?

Got my Rift S yesterday and everything is working fine. But when i grab something in VR with my left controller and then want to let it go it just sticks to my hand and falls to the ground 2 seconds later. Anyone else having this problem?

Where has the Deal of the Day Gone?

Is it just me or has the Deal of the Day promotion gone away at the Rift Store? Most of my purchases were "Deal of the Day". All I see now are like Combo / Duel purchases that in some cases cost more than just buying the games separate. I think this ...

What's up with the extra sensors?

I was looking to get some additional sensors for my Rift rigs (I have two so I can do doubles with my nephews).I noticed in the devices there are slots for 5 sensors!So, I took two sensors from the other rig and plugged them into my main one.The four...

[Fr] Rift S Probleme lié au mode Veille

Voila, apres passé quelques heures avec mon Rift S, j'ai remarqué qu'il se met jamais en veille j'ai tous le temps une lumiere blanche..même apres avoir quitté l'applicationCeci dit j'ai tous le temps OVRServer d'allumer dans mes processus ça peux ve...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Question on Library Location

Hey gang,I am perplexed.When I built this new PC in Jan and installed the Rift software again at that time , I had selected Drive D and E for library locations.I thought I would also go in and add Drive C now to the mix as it also has a lot of room o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift S Black Screen FIX (only for me?)

Got a fix for black screen! Just put the Rift in Display Port 1 of your graphic card! There it is working since an hour, no problems! On DP 1 or 2 it wasnt working, strange. (Newest nvidea driver, older Win 10 Version) Hope that will help you guys..

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus software blackscreen

i had a blackscreen after i installed the Oculus program on my laptop. I had not connected my Rift S yet. I did a factory restore of windows 10 and now the Oculus program works. Just thought i post this in case any one else has the same problem.

My rift s is messed up

1. So when I turn on my rift s I get audio and the display is on but the display is rotated to the walls of the lenses and I haven't found a way to fix it.2. When I go to my rift s on the oculus app it says that I need a firmware update, from version...

poor tracking

Hi there.we have this ongoing problem with the poor tracking of 1 of the sensors.we have moved the plug from 1 usb to another even moving from 2 to 3 and back again and its the same problem.we have lifted both sensors high and still no luck. I have n...

Question about games....

Got the Rift S (my first VR system). I have a few games through steam which I have played (beat saber and Megaton rainfall) but I was wondering is there any difference between getting games on steam or threw oculus store (other than If they carry the...

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Oculus Home - Have to run this???

I just bought the Rift S. My first step into VR.Are there any official options for bypassing the mess that is Oculus Home? I just want to play games with the hardware. I launch a Steam game to play and it then launches Oculus Home. When I quit the ga...

ColbeyC by Level 2
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Flying aces?

Any one else on the oculus S having problem with grabbing the flight stick as it seems it doesnt want to move in the direction I move it. I cant get past the tutorial on the carrier as its very hard to move the stick in the direction it wants me to. ...

Oculus Rift CV1 Accessories

Can an Oculus staff member please tell me, will the Rift CV1 accessories be available safely into the future, or should I be thinking about buying a spare headset cable for example?I am still quite happy with my Rift right now so I'd hate for it to f...

morsify by Level 4
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Oculus Rift S not work

I have 2 PCs, on one it goes without problems, on the other it stops at the control of the display sensor saying that it can't monitor, maybe it's just some option disabled but I don't know where to look for, suggestions anymore?

AgosZ1 by Level 3
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oculus rift s purchase descision

So let me understand what we are being asked to invest in.The new oculus rift s. I have always been one of the first to buy new hardware. My experience with O rift original really does not lend towards buying another head set.The support I received o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Will these controllers work with the Rift?

I took a break from gaming for a while, so some things may have changed. This page https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/accessories/ says the Oculus Touch controllers require the Rift S. My question is will they work with the original Rift? I don't want to ...

analog by Level 2
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I cannot connect new rift s to my pc.

After installing Oculus App,App says "Connect HMD and USB3 to my pc."Of course I connect them to my pc,but it doesn't act at all.About 5seconds after, App always down and App restart automatically.After repeating this situation,finally I got error me...