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I work for a university where we last year acquired three oculus rift headsets. I've just got a new machine with an nvidia quaddro rtx3000 gfx 32gb ram and intel xeon E2286-m cpu. I should think that this should cover minimum requirement, but still I get warning that my hardware don't need the minimum specs. Am I wrong here or what's going on?

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Volunteer Moderator
Quaddro and Xeon are not typical gaming gear, and thus may not appear in the hardware whitelist (the hardware warning isn't actually testing your system, just checking the components against an approved hardware list).

You can test it and see if it works--if so, just ignore the warning. In some cases, there could be specific features needed that may not be provided in the drivers for non-gaming hardware.

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I had a similar issue when I was using my Mac Pro for gaming. The Xeon was plenty beefy, but not on the list. As nalex66 said, the best thing is to run the SteamVR benchmark to verify that it can handle VR. Then if  you are bothered by the warning, you can use the Oculus Tray Tool and there is a setting to "Spoof CPU ID on Tool Start." This will remove the banner at the top.

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Thanks to the both of you for your comments. And yes I know this is not a typical gaming setup. Since I use the pc (and the oculus) for work the pc needed enterprise features not available on common gaming setups. I try the steamvr test and see how it goes.