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new Rift S user impressions.

Level 5
So I've been using the headset for a day now, and this annoying oculus app has in the meantime asked me at least a dozen times to set up guardian and calibrate floor height. ULTRA annoying.  Also whoever thought that foam on the headset that sits on your face was good, needs to look for another job. It is so bad i would call the headset defective by design as soon as you take it out of the box. Do yourself a favor and buy vrcover replacements ASAP. Sound from built in speakers isn't as bad as i thought it would be judging by reviews. Controllers are decent. Better than that WMR crap i used to have.
Camera quality is absolutely terrible when you activate passtrough. I mean honestly...i tried bringing a paper with my email and password close to headset and you couldn't read it. How is Mark supposed to spy on us with cameras so bad? Headset feels cheap overall. I would be surprised if the headset (parts + labor) costs Facebook over $100 per unit. 
I played the Talos Principle and it looks better in this headset than in Lenovo Explorer i used to own. Also, for some reason with Explorer i had to use teleport movement because smooth locomotion made me sick. But with Rift S i don't get motion sickness. Light comes in from around the nose no matter how much you press the headset to your face. I had to modify it with some soft foam i had, so now it's good.
Also compared to WMR, the oculus home and starting tutorials are far superior. Microsoft just did a very bad job there. The option to decorate your home and put a teleport gate to your friends house is brilliant. I watched a movie in my virtual home and it looked very good. Vista in the default home instantly reminded me of Zelda: Breath of the wild.

IDK how is it possible that after so many years every reviewer out there praises PSVR as being the most comfortable headset. And yes, based on my personal experience, it is much better in build quality and comfort than Lenovo Explorer and Rift S.
I use Kingston Hyper X Cloud II headset with Rift S. Cloud headsets are called that way because of comfort. And this one i own doesn't create any discomfort when i use it with Rift S. On the contrary, it makes the headset sit better on my head by eliminating part of inertia when i move my head left and right.

Rift S
Headset build quality 5/10
Headset comfort 5/10
Controllers quality and ergonomics 7/10
Display quality 7/10
Built in speakers 4/10
Oculus app 8/10
FOV: Still standard crap of around 110 degrees
Screen door effect : minimal, but visible
Games: good choice of exclusives + steamVR + you get 2 months of free Viveport infinity subscription as Rift S owner.
Price: Feels like a cheap piece of hardware, but still the best "budget" headset i think.

Overall: Yeah..this is still what i would call GEN 1 of VR headsets. They need to be much more comfortable, completely wireless and at least 50% lighter and smaller. Or at least the weight distribution needs to be much better. FOV should be at least 170 degrees. And picture clarity should be on par with looking at a high res monitor. This will all come, but i think we're at least a decade away.


Level 5
Using the headsets audio jack to plug in my headphones, i get constant static noise in headphones. When i use the headphones  by plugging them in my PC, everything is fine. It's the VR headsets audio out that's causing the issues. I'm sorry but this headset just screams BAD BUILD QUALITY!
If anyone knows how to make rift audio play trough headphones, while headphones are connected to PC, not headset audio jack, please tell me. Because it doesn't matter that i use quality headphones when audio output in the headset is garbage.