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v19 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Community Manager
Community Manager
Update 7/9/2020: As part of an update to the v19 PTC software that is now available, we have included improvements to touch controller tracking for Rift / Rift S users. This should help mitigate the unexpected tracking behavior that some of you have been experiencing since we released v18. If you have encountered this bug, please opt-in to the v19 PTC to try out the latest updates and let us know if you’re seeing an improvement in controller tracking. Our team will continue to investigate and work on this - as always, thanks for your patience and understanding!

Update 7/6/2020: 
Hey folks - Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs in our most recent software update. We are aware that this update has caused hand tracking to not work as intended for some Rift users. We appreciate your patience as we work on implementing a fix - more to come.

Oculus Link

You can now select from 4 graphics profile settings to optimize your experience with Link. The new settings options are:

  • Automatic: When this option is selected, the optimal setting for your configuration will be chosen for you.
  • Performance: This setting is recommended if your configuration is lower spec.
  • Balance: This setting is recommended for mid tier spec configurations.
  • Quality: This setting is recommended for higher spec configurations.

Level 5
What about the Rift S? Remember what that even is?

Not applicable
Do these settings only affect Oculus Home and maybe Oculus games?
Or does it also have an effect on other PC-VR titles like those considered from "unknown sources" ?
Can you clarify where and how this is applied?
Like for instance in some of my combat flight sims I do in VR, one can set a profile in Nvidia Control Panel with similar settings. 

Level 3
Seriously, I've been unable to play any game on my Rift because v18 broke the tracking of the touch controllers. I thought this update would be a fix, but instead it's just more stuff for the link and the Quest. Disappointing.

Level 5
So when are we going to see Rift S changes in these PC changelogs? Quest keeps getting new features, updates and changes while S users are given the finger. My next PC VR headset won't be from Oculus at this rate.

Controller tracking glitch fixes?
Displayport error fixes?

Level 4
Would be nice if you fixed the issues you introduced with the 18 update for Rift S.  I dread your updates, they just make things worse.

Level 3
Updated to version 19 and now I can't play games because the controllers flicker. I just spend $1300 to get this setup a week ago and now it is essentially bricked

Here is an example I recorded.

Level 14

Updated to version 19 and now I can't play games because the controllers flicker. I just spend $1300 to get this setup a week ago and now it is essentially bricked

Here is an example I recorded.

IF these issues are in v18 you have a valid point. If just in 19 then report the issues and roll back. That is what the PTC is for and if you can't handle that then don't moan, just don't sign into the beta.
Personally I beta test code at work so I gave up faffing around with the betas some time ago but some people enjoy it.
I must admit as a CV1 user I too worry about every software update however
Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR 🙂

Level 3
This is a joke right?

Level 4
Andddd another one for bad update bingo.

still only thinking about that Quest and not the Rift family ~ nice one Oculus / facebook you did it again.

Can we please get some news for the Rift family, like any new updates or fixes coming ??
anything ??