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Acceptable landing pages for non-Oculus hosted apps on share

I got a rejection from my most recent update to Shadertoy with the following message:

We would like to request an upload either hosted by Oculus or that leads to your website or a forum where you can provide a download link to Github. For security reasons, we cannot have the download button lead directly to a 3rd party download website.

I don't follow the logic here at all. Github, like Sourceforge and Google Code, is a project hosting side. It is a perfectly reasonable place to have the entire publicly visible face of an open source project.

Is Oculus suggesting that open source projects aren't going to be allowed on the Share site? Or that open source projects must either have the executable be hosted by Oculus or fork over additional time & effort to creating some additional page hosted elsewhere who's only purpose is to satisfy this rule?

Would pointing the the project front page or to the Wiki page for the app be somehow more acceptable than pointing to the page for a particular release?
Brad Davis - Developer for High Fidelity Co-author of Oculus Rift in Action

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What was the link you were trying to submit?

I think the rule was there so people didn't link to MegaUpload (or whatever) but this case seems different.

I can definitely follow up on Monday and ask why this was rejected.
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