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Amazon pre-order for TOUCH!!

Heroic Explorer

The Amazon pre-order page is back up but there is no mention of addition sensor??

U guys reckon Amazon are selling a different package to the one Oculus is giving? lol

Box Contains

Oculus Touch Controller;2 x AA Batteries


Heroic Explorer
6 december better be the date, touch is send out which is not a pre-order ie bulk orders to retail and the like. I read it as pre-order is a priority service and is gonna be shipped just like those who have a reserved space with Oculus. U are right thou, im gonna be pissed if it aint like this..I might phone Amazon b4 tomorrow

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yeah wait to see if people get charged when they pre-order tonight and if Oculus don't charge again until they ship I'd recommend putting in an order on Oculus just in case. If you have your spot saved for a 'pre-order' then there is no rush to order straight away 🙂