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App submission: Day 79 please help

Its been nearly 80 days!

Is it me?
did I do something wrong?
Should I just try again?
Do I need to go into the wilderness and fast?

Please, Im just one guy trying to release a game.
my tech demo got nearly 1000 downloads from the oculus share and other sites, I preordered a CV1, Iv been a huge Oculus fanboy on the intenets, I demo the DK2 at local meetups, I participate in the Oculus forums, surely I deserve some love back.. just tell me whats wrong with my submission?

Here is my latest trailer. Its legit.. its comfortable...

Well from day one of my submission I was targeting cv1. I've done all the perf testing I could to get there tried to get access to the 1.0 sdk etc. I just need that last bit of assistance like access to the sdk. I'm not asking for money, free equipment or anything, just the sdk and guidance the said they wanted to give.

EDIT: To remove whining tone and snarky comments.

Since the release of SDK 1.3 have you updated your game and re-submitted? If so, any response?

A few days ago oculus contacted me and asked to update my build to SDK\Runtime 1.3.  
I have since updated as requested but no further contact