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DK1 convertion to 1440p

Level 2
Hey all,

So i have a DK1 and DK2 and also a 2560x1440p 60hz LCD + HDMI MPI board.

Anyone got any tips to convert the DK1 to the screen. if I take it apart and manage to get it in what obstacles would I be facing, rift was doing this so technically it's possible.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Intel i920@4ghz, 12gb ram, Windows 7 Nvidia GTX 970 4gb, 120gb SSD, OR Dev Kit 1&2

Level 4
I am going to assume that the HDMI and screen components are separate to the motion tracking components... I honestly think this will work just fine.

The 60hz may be a let down, unsure what response rate and also pixel g2g time the panel you are looking at has, this may be better/worse than DK1 / DK2

I am very interested to hear how you go, I feel the only letdown with me DK2 is screen resolution.