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Family Sharing

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On my Quest I noticed in the store some games has Family Sharing as a feature.  What is this and how does it work ?  Is there a page that describes this feature ?
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I think it means the game includes multiple game save slots, or rather profile slots to be more accurate.

Edit: It could be useful for people to list the games in this thread that have profile slots and save slots. I don't think the feature stipulates which or the number of slots (if this hasn't been done already in another thread).

I'll start:
The Room VR:     Profile Slots     3

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This one user per headset situation is unacceptable.  I am very angry with Oculus.  I researched VR headsets very thoroughly, but I missed the fact that only one account can be used per headset.   If I had known this, I would not have purchased the Oculus Quest. 

We are quite the gamers in my household, which include my two teenaged sons and me.  We own several gaming systems, including the Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Twitch, and a massive gaming/media computer homebrew with Steam accounts.  All those platforms have family sharing! ALL! ALL!

With the link cable, a carrying case, and individual headphones for each of us, I'm into it over $700.  For that much money, I could have bought the Vive Cosmos or even the Vive Pro Eye VR Headset.  The one account one headset can only be a money grab by Facebook and Oculus, trying to force families to buy multiple headsets and multiple copies of the same game.  

This one headset one account policy is a deal-breaker for me, a father of two.  If I can figure out how to return it all and recoup my money, I will. 

You are comparing your 399US$ quest with the 800US$ cosmos (that has very poor inside out tracking) and the vive pro eye that cost nearly 1700US$

You can still run all the same games that you would have run with the other headset and share you game library like you would have done using steam. You are fully compatible with the other platform that's the beauty of the oculus Quest. 

And please, don't includes your headphones, cases and all accessories in the investment price, it was your responsability to do some research before buying. The only person you can be angry with is yourself.

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I just think it's horse crap that you cant family share games. If I would've known that I most definitely would NOT have gotten an oculus. That's just down right sorry as crap for a business to do that. LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE has game sharing so why is it so hard for oculus to do the same?? 

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Using one account I can download all my games on both Quest 2's and we can play both at the same time, my issue and request is local multiplayer!..
Seems to work with some games that gives you a code to enter a room / server, or use email to log in. but on other games that I've seen should work on redit,(Star Trek & Dead & Buried 2) we can't find a way to join our games..

They really need to make local coop on same account possible, My youngest son is under 13 and can't have his own account!
Do to how fun it is to play room scale without cables I actually thought about buying a 3rd Quest 2, so that I can play with both sons.
But not keen on buying every game we want to play 3 times, especially not when I also have a few of them already on Rift S, and need to buy them a second time on Quest 2.. .
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One of the moderators (nalex66) told me recently:

They've already retracted that statement, which was made by a support
rep who didn't seem to have knowledge of the multi-user plans. They've
clarified that it is not against the ToS to use two devices
simultaneously on the same account, and again advised that they have an
upcoming announcement about their muti-user feature. Unfortunately,
there is still no timeline on this plan, nor any details about how it
will work.

Hope this helps about multiple headsets.