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The anwer to MotionSickness..

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Alot of people hav motion sickness. Its anoying and so butt i think i got the solution. Look at it this way.. minecraft enderman. U look at them Ingame and theyr angry. But look at them in real life and u can stare at them without the game knowing it.. or

Battlefield... an enemy on the left. U move ur eyes to the left and u see him. This is also with the vr. Maybe in the future they can detect eye movement and optimize the screen cuz this must be the problem. & it would also improve gameplay reality...

Another good example is there are 2 men standing 5 feet away + a star in the middle. Look at the star and the rest is blurry.. but when in a game u have the oppurtunity to move ur eyes but not the game.. u now must see where im going... and it even is really easy cuz the only thing u need is like some sort of detection and software coding to let the screen move with the eyes.

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There is no one fix for all for motion sickness, the problem is different things affect different people and in different ways, the day someone does come up with a one fix for all they will be instant billionaires.