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The anwer to MotionSickness..

Alot of people hav motion sickness. Its anoying and so butt i think i got the solution. Look at it this way.. minecraft enderman. U look at them Ingame and theyr angry. But look at them in real life and u can stare at them without the game knowing it...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sharing Videos

Hi friends,I have a few videos I want to share. I tried to post one to Facebook but it was several minutes long. I got a notification that it would let me know but.....Internet speed shouldn't be an issue. Nothing posted to my timeline or group. Has ...

How do Oculus Keys work?

I'm considering using Oculus Keys to distribute apps for my company. But, the documentation doesn't give a full explanation of how exactly how the user uses the key to get the app. Can anyone explain what the user does with the key? What we'd like to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to get support?

Wow. A while ago I also had questions in support, but they also remained unanswered.And not for the people who post, but for the support of Oculus itself.It's as if the users have to solve their problems among themselves, but help from Oculus itself?...

Play together

Hi,I have a Rift S and a Quest 2I have 2 Oculus accounts.On the Quest 2 i put in the second account.question:I bought Creed Rise to Glory on Oculus store.On that Oculus account i have the Rift S and the Quest 2 Can i play this game multiplayer agains...

Games which support sharing list ?

Hi,My son buy quest 2 for birthday and I add my account but I don't find games in share.Beat saber and some demos don't be on my account is there a list of compatible games ?

cedsanzo by Honored Guest
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Share and play with family

Hi,I have a RIft S and the Quest 2.I have 2 Oculus accounts.How can i play a game with my son without buying the game twice?All the games are bind to one account.I noticed that a new feature was up a few days ago, but i can not figure out how to use ...


Just curious that if we have bought an app and not too long after it goes on sale as a duo deal, could we receive credit to buy other app instead of paying for 1 we already own. Hope this makes sense.

Twitch option for lives

I love VR but it makes me sad that there's no option to go live with twitch and it only has an option to go live on Facebook.Now I dont go live on my facebook 99% of the time and I want to go live on twitch because that's where I go live more, I dont...

New and need 2 player game advice

I am new to this so I apologize for the newb questions. My wife and I both have our own Quest 2 gear and accounts. We have yet to purchase any games. I have a few questions.1. Are there 2 player games that only 1 of us needs to purchase?2. How do I k...

Larnan by Honored Guest
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Moving My Oculus folder to an external drive.

Hello everyone. First time poster here. I did a search but could not find an answer. I recently purchased Lone Echo. I have a Quest 2 with a Link cable and everything (for the most part) has been working fine. After I purchased Lone Echo I try to run...

midinut by Honored Guest
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Family Sharing

On my Quest I noticed in the store some games has Family Sharing as a feature. What is this and how does it work ? Is there a page that describes this feature ?

Umpa_PC by Rising Star
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Where can I find the videos I record on my Oculus

Where do I find the videos I record while on my Oculus? I would like to create a video montage of the apps that I am in but I can't find where they are kept in my Oculus account on my desktop. Can someone guide me? Thanks Peter

Sharing videos for friends

It would be like awesome to record videos and pictures on your vr-headset and share them to friends in seconds. Like I could show them cool and funny things you can do in vr and and maybe make my friends to buy a vr-headset. I mean like the same way ...

Transferring Oculus Games to Owner

Hi, I was hoping if I could get my games off of my brother Oculus profile and put it on mine. He set up my computer and the Oculus and used his profile to login, not knowing that the games automatically went into his library without a chance to put i...

jay4118 by Honored Guest
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Sharing my games with my kids account

so I ordered multiple games on my account. but I want to set up accounts for my kids so their height is correct and they can have their own interface and I want those games available to them also. how do I do that?

CmdrWaff by Honored Guest
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Oculus link pc app

I've done everything to get it right this time after checking cable, storage etc. I put all devices on message alerts, went to the oculus setup file opened it hit run options came up so I said repair and now I'm watching it install the new software u...

What happened to share.oculus?

Was looking looking at my cloud bookmarks when a stumbled on urls to download a Oculus demos from a back in the early 13/14 days. Since I finally have the means of getting a headset fairly soon it would be nice to revisit some classics I never was ab...

MBot2_0 by Honored Guest
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Live Stream Facebook pointless for beatsaber

Its kinda pointless the live steam process of beatsaber on facebook it mutes 99% of your video because of copyright law. Is there no way round this Oculus ? kinda no point to having the function in my opinion

wnxrocker by Honored Guest
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https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/avatarsdk/latest/concepts/avatars-gsg-unity/I follow this tutorial.How I get retrieve RemoteAvatar's Platform.Models.User.ID information?

Can't Share to Facebook using Oculus Medium

Im trying to share something from Oculus Medium. Everytime i click share it asks to log into my facebook via my web browser. I click on the link which redirects me to facebook. I then get this message. "Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't in...

My sensor recognizes usb3.0 port as 2.0

Hi guys,When I initially installed sensors one of them were connected as 3.0 but now it says both were connected to 2.0?However, my system shows that both are connected to USB 3.0. Is it some kinda glitch?I do not use any usb extension. Thank you.

Zosyn by Honored Guest
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Facebook Live Stream in RIFT???????

Oculus GearVR released Live Facebook Streaming within Oculus last year. It includes this awesome feature where you get a live stream of comments as they come in on your stream, direct in your headset. Here's a video - https://youtu.be/o5p9mP0KrCU?t=7...