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No Limits 2 roller coaster sim.

One area I find that could really use improvement is the current crop of roller coaster sims. Some of them have some interesting landscape visuals but fail to make me think I'm on a real roller coaster. Maybe my expectations are too high because of t...

ohgrant by Level 9
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Understanding Oculus Key

As a part of testing,created Oculus Key with one day validity.installed on the Oculus Go device. But the installed applications is working forever.is that, only the Key have expiry ? if that was the case, My application will work forever on that acco...

iracing.com VR

When I try to use my oculus rift w/ iracing.com I'm sitting to low in the cockpit and basically staring up at the sky. If I stand up I can look down the track, but I'm hoping someone can tell me what adjustments I need to make so I can see down the t...

Avatar pet?

I want a avatar pets that wonders around my virtual rooms so they don’t look empty... it’s feels quiet when i’m on my own Lol? 

Sharing Oculus Home

https://youtu.be/UZR2dP-vCNsI was not sure where to share this at so here it is until I am told to put it somewhere else, This is a video of my Home.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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cbudris is my oculus name add me if u game to play

Biggest thing oculus chat messaging so i can leave messages for friends and they can get them in game notifications or pop up in home,, I wanna see the homes as a multiplayer experience were people can show up in friends list or ring a bell because t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Features I would like to see.

When booting into windows then the Oculus app then have have a menu choice how you want to run Oculus. A. When booting pc then go right into Oculus so no config needs to be done like we do sometimes by running the app first.I know.... Some of you wil...

Inachu by Level 4
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Resolved! What happened to share.oculus.com ?!?!?!?!?

When I try to go to share.oculus.com it redirects me to https://www2.oculus.com/experiences/rift/ , I don't give a shit about those damn experiences! I want to look at share.oculus...

FozZeW by Level 3
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dove posso trovarere le demo per oculus rift dk1 il primo che e uscito nella valigetta non trovo un sito che abbia le demo da scaricare potete mandarmi un sito delle demo grazie


bonsoir a tousnouveau dans la VRle fait d'avoir 1 seul capteur a t'il une influence sur le jeux

dede43 by Level 2
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Hardware minimum vs nice experiance

i ll receive my cv 1 tomorrow, And i ll see if my old setup 2x hd7990 s and the 4790 k with 32gb ram will stand the challenge, Feedback ll come ( i know my specs are pretty low, but we ll see)

Tips to help run the Oculus Headset

Good evening from Mullion Cove Cornwall.A couple of things I have found with Windows 7 is that windows updates cause alot of problems, I personally turn them off until a program requires an updateto run, then I install only that update.With the oculu...

Rift disconnects and sensor

So I had some disconnects from my head gear and sensor but have seen to fix for now by only putting two sensors on my 3.0 sub and head gear on my 3.1 I have dropped 3rd sensor for now and had no issues for 3 days I will be adding my 3rd either by 2.0...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Becareful what you show people!

Had a neighbour pop over to borrow his spare key becuase he left his at work. He's never seen VR before so I thought show him 'TheBlu' and the whale scene.He put the HMD on and was gasping in amazement, I thought he was in the Oculus Home starting ar...

Achievements for home enviroments!

When you get achievements in game, why can't we unlock certain objects for your home environments to look more personnel? Like stautes in your home environments or anything that familiar to the game? Is this a good idea?

Travel apps

What are good travel apps for Oculus. I am also looking for calming experieces, for a house bound and very stresses demographic.

Dev Studio Discord

Sinn Studio Inc. now has a Discord Server!We're happy to give out free copies of our games to private testers. It's also a great place to chat about VR as we're going to be growing the channel rapidly.See you there.https://discord.gg/uxz3xZf

oculus tray tool

I have downloaded the new 0.69 tray tool I run it as admin ,I have installed it on my desktop But it just doesn't work It wont even show the HUD overlays I have tried different settings but the tool wont hold themI'm on win 10 latest update running f...