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Direct-to-rift juddering oculus share problem

Hello I recieved this response from Oculus share about the Windows build of my demo"Unfortunately, we could not get the PC version Direct to Rift mode to runsmoothly. When turning your head, the screen tearing/judder was verydisorienting. Because of ...

molton by Level 3
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PC Specification

Regarding the hardware needed to power smoothly the current software available what kind of PC specification is needed?I've seen many kinds of different hardware from different people and wondered what the sweet spot was.

Make a reset button on the headset?

All games have their own reset button on the keyboard. Some use space, others use backspace and some others use F12 to reset the position. Wouldn't it be great the use the same button for this? Or even better, a reset button on de headset itself, so ...

Dolphin VR not working properly

I have the current dolphin vr i could find and have the oculus runtime the latest to this date. I do not have a dk2 yet but am hoping to order it tonight hopefully. I have tried it and its only using full screen, I have everything setup as shown onli...

The quality of image resolution also depends on the monitor?

Hi,The quality of image resolution also depends on the resolution of the monitor ?My monitor has 1900x1080 resolution. But the image quality in games is very, very bad...Resolution screens Display: 1.Rift DK2 Resolution: 1920x 1080 (Recommended) Orie...

pedrw by Level 5
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Dual Video Cards

I am running Windows 8.1 and have Dual Monitors with each Monitor having its own ***Video Card ***.....Do I just use the extra Video Card as a way for the DK2 to get its display signal from??*** From a Dual Display Video Card *** Not Two... Sorry...l...

Would a GPU or CPU Upgrade Help

Was wanting some input on which would be better and I already know a "Whole New Blown Gaming Desktop"...So a GPU or CPU..???With the Bus being PCI Express x16 Gen2 I will be limited to some extent but have seen what GeForce GTX cardsI can put on whic...

Senza Penzo and Titans of Space, wow

seriouslythey need to make Movies like Transformers on VR onlyin the future 2D movies of Today will be OLDit will be all about the VR experience for movies!!it really feels like your therein the future you can really learn stuff with VRconverting wha...

Let us edit comments

Hi,There seems to be no edit function. So I've to repost everything for each update or to correct some errors. You can't be serious with that. spyro

spyro by Level 4
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Approved, Searchable, not Appearing / can't Edit

My team's project..https://share.oculus.com/app/hayfield-isovista-gallery1) Does not appear under any menu item - so no one can find it.(It should show up under Education, Experience - etc etc)2) I also can't edit it ... an empty space appears in you...

sguynup by Level 2
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Share Categories not working

Just went Share to see if there were any new dk2 compatible games, but have come to realise that if I click on any category it comes up as "No apps".Anyone else having this problem?Edit:All seems to be working again for me.. so disregard this post 

Can't read or proceed past "Accept Revised Terms"

For the past couple of days I've been trying to install VR Cinema. However, when I click the the "Download now" button in the top right I land on the "Accept Revised Terms" page and I can't proceed. No terms are displayed, just a blank box, I check t...

Approved, searchable, but not reachable?

Hi,I made the game 'The Little Plane That Could' and submitted it to the share.occulusvr.com site.The status of this submission is 'Approved'.When I search the shared apps with keyword 'Plane' it will show up as the first and only hit.When I click on...

stolk by Level 2
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Oculus Rift + IL-2 BoS

I got IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad and was wondering if it works on it. I know the devs were thinking of adding Native support but I was still wondering if there was a way to get around it atm. Maybe VorpX + Open Track IR? Anyway if you've got the game ...

Screen wont stay in portrait mode.

screen wont stay in portrait mode after it is flipped properly. Also if I try and do direct to rift the rift won't even power on. I will only work if I put it as extend to hmd. I think they should work on a fix that would allow dk2 to be plugged righ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resubmission lock?

Hi thereIf you have the DK1, could you try and installhttp://www.SenseEarth.com/beta/SenseEarthExplorer.zipand see what happens? It should look like the screenshot attached.I'm attempting to update the SenseEarth Explorer app in Oculus Share. It look...

Better filtering

I'd like to use Oculus Share more often, but it's very hard to find and filter the latest demos at the same time.Is it possible to add the ability to filter on multiple categories at the same time?For example: - All Windows, - DK2 games, - for SDK 0....

mahler by Level 3
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Share ware

Hi all,Just got my SDK2, but I'm having difficulties trying to download any of the SHARE software.I click on the "DOWNLOAD" or "VISIT SITE" button after selecting OS which brings me to the "ACCEPT REVISED TERMS" screen which I tick and click, but tha...

noizboy by Level 2
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Couch Knights available?

Is that couch knights demo available for DK2?I just remembered it, but I don't see it listed anywhere here.Thanks,Matt

nnhood by Level 2
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Dk 2 long exposure IR photograph

Hi Guys,I snapped this almost X-Ray view of the DK2, just using IR. That's an almost 1 min. exposure with some flash lighting around.Interesting view huh ?https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgz0jpzdgax144a/Oculus%20DK2-IR.jpg?dl=0

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Games for Rift

Hi,What all games can i download for the rift, and what all games comes pre shipped with the Kit.Thanks,Maitreya

making games

whats the best place to start leaning basic code for games.ordered my rift start of august going to be along wait 

Alirfc3 by Level 2
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Too Slow

Hi guys, it's far too slow to update Oculus Share compared with other sites too, I have release 2 new demos since the last submit and I can't edit the submit!, I get that you want quality etc, but it's only going to get slower as more games are made,...

full body tracking with rift.

I just backed this project to be combo with my rift, and spreading the words with anyone that might be interested.https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1663270989/project-perception-neuron

Demoing The Oculus

I'm going to be showing some friends the rift this weekend and I'm wondering how to set up a feed on the monitor that the oculas is showing. Obviously some demos do this by default (Very helpful) but I do have a few demos that don't, they just show a...