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Fantastic fix to an incorrect price

Level 2

This customer service is one of the worst in the world! I bought a game. It was on a pack deal so I bought the pack. It was supposed to deduct what I paid for the game and it didn’t.. so I reach out to customer service and that is where the fun began.. I wanted my account to be credited for the game I purchased. They can’t do that.. ?!? Really in 2022 you can’t credit an account that you overcharged? Ok

So here we are 12 days later.. they refunded both games and closed my ticket.. and the best part.. I can not purchase the Go Rogue pack anymore since it’s no longer available. Nothing they can do about that either. Special thanks to Marlon, David and Janrenz from customer service it took 3 of you 12 days to not solve a problem your company created. But don’t worry everyone sent me a five dollar credit to the store for my time and aggravation. Hmm wait I thought they couldn’t do that? We as consumers are just here for them to toy with. We are the entertainment for them. They do not have power to fix any of our problems. All I can say if you have problem try to fix yourself because the customer service is not very helpful