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Geekmaster Inspired Electrostimulation to Enhance VR Gaming?

Who else here works 70 hour shifts straight with no sleep like Geekmaster? 🙂 Who else here has run the gamut of sleep deprivation as he has? Hey if it's good enough for our NSA boyz and Drone operators, why not us gaming VR nerds? Now we need to see through electrostimulation, magnetic stimulation, chemical mary jane stimulation, other pills/chemical stimulation, and the right VR experiences, multimedia, etc how do we really expand our minds and consciousness. Will we be punished for hubris? LOL!

WASHINGTON — For some modern soldiers, caffeine is just not enough to stay vigilant, especially for the growing ranks of digital warriors who must spend hours monitoring spy drone footage and other streams of surveillance data.

So the Pentagon is exploring a novel way to extend troops’ attention spans and sharpen their reaction times: stimulate the brain with low levels of electricity.

“It used to be the people who would win the arm wrestling match would win the war,” said Alan Shaffer, the acting assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering. “In the future it is going to be who can process information most quickly and react to that. If you can’t make sense of all the information coming in around you and get to a decision it has little value.”

“There is some evidence that it does seem to work,” said Dr. William “Scott” Killgore, an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School who specializes in the mental health treatments. “There have been a few studies that if you use it in the right place it can help mathematical calculations when people are sleep-deprived.”

Monitoring intense streams of data can quickly become so repetitive — especially when there is no action — that attentiveness and recognition can deteriorate in as little as 20 minutes.

In one scenario, the test subjects — some who received caffeine, some brain stimulation, and the rest nothing — were kept awake for a full 30 hours to see who would measure best in wakefulness and vigor.

Subjects such as Raybon who received the brain stimulation “performed about twice as well as people who got nothing,” said McKinley.

As for those who were given coffee?

“Caffeine had tanked at this point,” said McIntire.

Who wants to start a new company to promote brain enhancing technologies to help VR gaming? Will the Oculus Developer Program help pay for this? 😉 "While you were trying to become men, we figured out how to become Gods."

stepford.jpg I am looking into that LEEP VR I lack practical 3d knowledge, I have found some good links, but I am not sure if they are the ones you were talking about. Would you mind direct linking me to them? :oops: