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Helldivers 2 Rollcall


How many of you are actively playing Helldivers 2?

I have a few RL friends who started playing at launch, and I avoided it since I figured it was just another extraction shooter. Boy was I wrong!

The tactics in this game are far beyond the standard FPS style found in every other game, from Halo to DeepRock to Destiny. 

Helldivers 2 has some very serious wartime combat strategizing, and I love it.

If there was ever a first-person action game that needed to be in VR, this is it!

For any of you out there playing Helldivers 2 and looking for a group, feel free to post it in this thread. Cheers!


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Meta Quest Support

I haven't played myself, I'm more of a cozy gamer!

I think @FunkyTanuki@ThyRuinedKing, and @TheAntiSocializer have been doing their part in the fight for managed democracy if I remember correctly. Maybe they'll have some fun stories to share here!

Make sure you smash that Kudos button!

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