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How do you seek for remote jobs or collborate opptorunities in Quest Dev ?

Honored Guest

Hi guys, hope you all are having good days with your work.

I am Dom, I have been developing applications for Quest for approximately a year. The last 6 months I have been diving into the MR development for Quest 3. I am a freshly graduate so the experience and opportunities are much more vital than the income.

I have got an MR project with Quest 3 on Upwork in February. But since then, I did not land any other projects or collborations. So I am wondering how do you guys look for jobs or opportunities (I would love the remote opportunities only since I am living in Vietnam)

I will also leave my portfolio here in case you have some advise to improve it.





Hi @tranquanglam  - I have removed your CV/portfolio for your own security because of all the personal details on it - if you edit it to take out some of that and repost, that's OK.

If you go to this website and on the left you can click on Show remote only.  Not sure if that means they employ people in your country though?

I'm sure there's lot of XR development jobs in Vietnam though - it's in demand everywhere these days.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

Thank you for your acts. I have checked the site already but not sure if I am skilled enough for those positions. That's why I am looking for tips to get collborations or entry level jobs, which fits me better, I guess. 

But still very helpful and thank you very much !